An Open Letter To My Cerebral Palsy.

An Open Letter To My Cerebral Palsy.

It's been fun.

Since March is quickly coming to an end I decided to write one more article about Cerebral Palsy, and all the things I wish I could say to it, but, really can’t. I hope you find some humor with the content you read in this letter because I can promise you every word written is meant with a lot of humor, and zero sadness. So with that in mind, I hope you enjoy this week's article.

Dear Cerebral Palsy,

It’s been a fun ride between you and I so far. You came into my life when I was an innocent one year old, heck you’ve probably been with me since I was born, but you didn’t want to show yourself until you were ready.

Next month, I’ll be 21, which means we’ll have been together for 20 years. That’s a long time don’t you think? By far the longest relationship I've ever been a part of. Congratulations.

There are times where I wish we could break-up. I never regret having you in my life, but sometimes you make life hard. Sometimes you make life harder than it really needs to be. Nevertheless, you have also given me so many great experiences, and let me meet even greater people, so for that, I am grateful.

I guess you can say we have a love-hate relationship. I love you for everything and everyone you have given me.

But at the same time, I hate you.

I hate you because of everything you kept me from. I hate you because of the amount of planning I have to do to go out somewhere. I hate you because sometimes, no matter how many people I surround myself with, I still feel alone. There are so many more reasons to hate you, but if I think about them, then you’ve beaten me, both mentally and physically.

And I guess, you hate me too.

No matter how hard I try to put on a brave face, at the end of the day, you win. Most of the time, the pain is unbearable. Yet, I manage to smile and laugh through it all. So, jokes on you I guess.

A lot of people ask me if I had the choice, would I choose to get rid of you. Most of the time, I never know what to say, cause after 20 years, it’s kind of hard to picture my life without you in it. You're impossible to live with, but somehow I've been doing it for two decades, and plan on doing it for a lot longer. You make people think I can't do things I'm 100 percent capable of doing.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, you're the best friend I never wished I had.


The person who loves to hate you, and hates to love you.

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I Blame My Dad For My High Expectations

Dad, it's all your fault.

I always tell my dad that no matter who I date, he's always my number one guy. Sometimes I say it as more of a routine thing. However, the meaning behind it is all too real. For as long as I can remember my dad has been my one true love, and it's going to be hard to find someone who can top him.

My dad loves me when I am difficult. He knows how to keep the perfect distance on the days when I'm in a mood, how to hold me on the days that are tough, and how to stand by me on the days that are good.

He listens to me rant for hours over people, my days at school, or the episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' I watched that night and never once loses interest.

He picks on me about my hair, outfit, shoes, and everything else after spending hours to get ready only to end by telling me, “You look good." And I know he means it.

He holds the door for me, carries my bags for me, and always buys my food. He goes out of his way to make me smile when he sees that I'm upset. He calls me randomly during the day to see how I'm doing and how my day is going and drops everything to answer the phone when I call.

When it comes to other people, my dad has a heart of gold. He will do anything for anyone, even his worst enemy. He will smile at strangers and compliment people he barely knows. He will strike up a conversation with anyone, even if it means going way out of his way, and he will always put himself last.

My dad also knows when to give tough love. He knows how to make me respect him without having to ask for it or enforce it. He knows how to make me want to be a better person just to make him proud. He has molded me into who I am today without ever pushing me too hard. He knew the exact times I needed to be reminded who I was.

Dad, you have my respect, trust, but most of all my heart. You have impacted my life most of all, and for that, I can never repay you. Without you, I wouldn't know what I to look for when I finally begin to search for who I want to spend the rest of my life with, but it might take some time to find someone who measures up to you.

To my future husband, I'm sorry. You have some huge shoes to fill, and most of all, I hope you can cook.

Cover Image Credit: Logan Photography

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6 Things You Relate To, Like Clockwork, When You Own An Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, you can relate to all of these.


Having a mini phone on your wrists come with some little quirks and here's a few you can relate to if you own an apple watch.

Your wrist is vibrating — when your watch is not even on.

I can always get this "feeling" that my wrist is vibrating, but when I glance down my watch is not even on. I always have this feeling for a few hours after I take my watch off, but it eventually goes away.

Your watch tells you to stand up, when you're already standing up.

I remember going to a concert and standing in the pit, my Apple Watch told me repeatedly to stand up, but I was already doing so. Apple does not like us being lazy and they let us know that after sitting down for at least 30 minutes.

You can find the cutest watch bands.

I always find so many cute watch bands from cheetah print to Lilly Pulitzer. The different colors and styles are endless and whenever you see one, you buy it of course.

Don't think you're gonna talk to your watch to send a text.

Every time I try to speak into my Apple Watch to send a text, it never works. I've actually just given up on that feature and have become a pro at scribbling letters onto the tiny screen. Quick Texts have also become my best friend, even though the responses are short.

Breathe, breathe, breathe... Your watch always wants you to breathe!

My Apple Watch goes off about 10 times a day telling me to breathe. I'm glad Apple is concerned with my breathing patterns because I did not know they were an issue until I owned an Apple Watch.

Your Siri goes off with every bend of your wrists.

Bending my wrists just the slightest makes my Siri go off. She'll start listening to everything I have to say and I don't realize I made her go off until she starts talking.

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