7 Essential Items For The Comfiest-Possible Winter Night

When it's cold out, sometimes you just need some time to yourself with a night in. Here are some of my must-haves for when I'm having one of those nights.

1. Cozy Socks / House slippers

If it weren't for cozy socks, my feet probably would have frozen off by now. These fuzzy little guys are not only good for when you're sleeping, but for when you're cold in general. As for slippers, they're usually fun AND they keep your feet warm. what's better than that?

2. Giant Sweaters

You can never go wrong with a giant sweater. Even if you don't plan on staying in, you can literally wear them ANYWHERE. You can never have too many of these versatile fashion staples.

3. Sweats

Who doesn't love a good pair of baggy sweatpants? Even if they're not always the prettiest thing you can wear, they are almost always the most comfortable.

4. A good book

Nothing beats being in bed and reading a great book. Really, nothing beats reading a good book in general.

5. Cozy Pajamas

If you don't love cozy pajamas(Especially, the fuzzy ones), you might as well just say you don't like comfort.

6. Hot Cocoa

Yum! This warm beverage beats tea and coffee any day no matter how old you are.

7. Your Favorite Movie

Every time is the right time.

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