14 Ways To Make Your Room A Comfy, Cozy Safe Haven

14 Ways To Make Your Room A Comfy, Cozy Safe Haven

Blankets, and pillows, and candles, oh my!

It's the holiday season, which means the urge to make our rooms as inviting and warm as possible has finally arrived. It's always fueled by lazy-day Pinterest searches and chilly fall mornings. These twelve essentials are key factors to giving your space a comfy, cozy vibe!

1. Candles

There's nothing better than the warm glow of a candle in a dreary room. They even make electronic candles for those who want the ambiance but can't have open-flames in a dorm!

2. Essential Oil Diffuser

These are also a great candle alternative! Diffusers are a natural approach to making your room smell inviting! Scents like geranium, lemon, peppermint, and lotus flower can be added to the water, creating a scented vapor that brews all day!

3. Rugs

Stepping on a cold floor has to be one of the most uncomfortable feelings on a chilly day. Rugs give your toes a break as well as adding style and dimension to your room.

4. Plush Blankets

The #1 key to acquiring the coziest room of all is lots and lots of blankets! Wool blankets, microfiber plush blankets, crochet blankets...I need them all!

5. Wall Tapestry

If your walls feel harsh and bare, add a creative tapestry! They come in loads of size and patterns to fit your specific style.

6. Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps have great health benefits because they purify and neutralize the air on the ionic level. Plus, they look pretty cool as a raw focal point.

7. String Lights

The warmth of these lights gives your room a radiant glow without needing sterile overhead room lighting.

8. Plants

Plants can help purify the air as well as adding greenery to your space. Good houseplants include succulents, cacti, spider plants, and ivy.

9. Pillows

Pillows in the bedroom, throw pillows in the living room, pillows everywhere! Pillows add warmth and comfort to your space. They act as a decor piece, making your room more lively as well.

10. Crystals

Crystals have the power to brighten and soften the energy in your space. Clusters of similar crystals in different parts of your living space can promote feelings like tranquility, positivity, and harmony. The best crystals for making a space cozy include rose quartz, calcite, and selenite.

11. Soft Furnishings

Regardless if it's a woven dreamcatcher or lots pictures and knickknacks on a coffee table, little personal details help to really make the room your own.

12. Slippers

It's almost a requirement to own a good pair of slippers in the winter. Between cold floors, achy feet, and moving around the dorm from friend to friend— it's definitely a necessity.

13. Heating Pad

Sometimes turning up the heat isn't an option. Heating pads are great for watching tv, sitting in bed, or just doing your homework on a blustery day!

14. Warm Beverages

Rev up that Keurig, it's time for coffee! Hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream works too!

Cover Image Credit: @thereallilycooper on Instagram

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7 Extraordinary Items You Can Find At Goodwill To Repurpose And Make Any Room Light Up

Mason Jars to make-up brush holder or utensil holder

As a college student, finding things for our dorm, apartment, or just a cute makeup brush holder that is adorable but cheap is very difficult. Going to Goodwill is the best solution for this dilemma as young adults. Every time you go to Goodwill, they always have so many different things like side tables, cabinets, cups, lamps, or other miscellaneous things. The next time you want something for your apartment or house, take a trip to Goodwill to see what you can repurpose before spending a fortune.

1. Metal tray to "menu" chalkboard

Now, would you look how easy that would be! Find a cute tray that you like, get some spray paint, and chalkboard paint and that sucker is perfect for the kitchen! By painting it a bright color, you can make your kitchen pop and it could be a great conversation starter.

2. Side table to a brand new looking side table

Look at what some paint can do to a table! All you have to do is, find a table you like, paint it and you can sit back and let the compliments roll in. Repurposing a little side table or cabinet can change the whole atmosphere of the room maybe even the house.

3. Mason jars to utensil holders or make-up brush holders

Aren't these mason jars adorable? Why not get some mason jars from Goodwill and get some cheap paint to change them completely! If you are feeling super artsy, you can even add glitter to them and ribbon or if your not the artsy type you can just add a strip of paint and it will change the look as well! There are so many ways to change the look and purpose of mason jars.

4. Cabinet to a place to hang purses or scarves

Need a new place to hang your purses, scarves or jewelry? Take an old cabinet door, give it a new paint job, add some knobs on it and there you go, a place to hang some things! This would go perfectly in a tight closet to add more space for the bigger things like clothes!

5. Old board games to shelves

Goodwill has a lot of different board games that are either missing pieces or some of the game is ripped. Grabbing an old game can be very helpful in a little kids room for shelving. Most games already come folded in half so all you need to do is add some hooks and you have yourself some pretty cool shelves!

6. Old coffee cups and saucers to bird feeders

Many people like having birds around to watch in their backyard, so why not get an old teacup and saucer to make a bird feeder. All you would need is some super glue, some string to hang it, and some bird seed! What a great way to add some decoration outside!

7. Old Shutters to a place to hang letters and notes

Grabbing an old window shutter or two can really spice up your office or kitchen. Using an old shutter is the perfect way to hang important letters or notes or even your glasses.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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