An Open Thank-You Letter For Great Coworkers

12 Thank-Yous For The Coworkers Who Get Sh*t Done But ALWAYS Make Time To Listen

Thank you for making me feel like my life should be a soap opera.

Bobbie Hall

Coworkers are sometimes your most unexpected friends. It might be because anything would be more exciting than being at work, but they always seem to have the best reactions to your stories and listen closer than anyone ever had.

To my coworkers,

1. Thank you for getting sh*t done when it needs to be done and listening to me when it really counts. We virtually run the whole business, and without y'all willing to do the dirty work, we'd fall apart.

2. Thanks for being my backbone and reminding me that I'm not alone even if I'm fighting with my friends, because you're my friends, too.

3. Thank you for caring about my constant whining about whatever went wrong in my life since the last time I saw you. I'm sure it's gotta get annoying, but you listen to me like nobody else in the world.

4. Thank you for hyping up my drama like it's your own and always asking for more tea.

5. Thank you for letting me gush about my boyfriend for entire shifts on a regular basis, even if it makes some of you feel lonely.

6. Thank you for being honest with me and helping me make sure that our place of work runs smoothly. We might hate it there sometimes, but often it's one of our favorite places in the world.

7. Thank you for keeping our group chat so lit. Even though y'all wake me up at 3 a.m. sometimes, I still love you.

8. Thank you for reminding me over winter break that I have so much to look forward to this upcoming semester.

9. Thank you for letting me in on your lives and letting me hear about your drama. I love knowing that I can be someone you can vent to!

10. Thank you for making our work somewhere where everyone who comes knows that they'll be treated with a smile and served quickly. It makes all of our jobs much easier.

11. Thank you for laughing at my stupid jokes, and thank you for providing me with so many new ones to give.

12. Thank you for being not only present in my professional life but also my academic and personal life. It means a lot to me when one of you shows up at an academic presentation or helps me out with my homework, or even covers a shift so I have time to study for an exam. Even more so, though, it means a lot when you invite me to hang out with you or to go out and especially to get an apartment with you (love you, froomies).

Overall, thank you for being the best friends and family that I never expected to find just from working some job in college. You all truly brighten my day every day and are able to destress me the moment I walk in the door. (Even if it's a very stressful work day.) Thank you for making work my favorite place to be and the one place I'll truly miss when it comes my time to leave. I love you all. Keep working hard and being your lovely selves.

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