'A Court of Frost and Starlight': A Review
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'A Court of Frost and Starlight': A Review

A drunken Cassian and Feyre decorating? Yes.

'A Court of Frost and Starlight': A Review

Disclaimer: spoilers galore. Continue at your own risk.

I'm not sure where to begin. I finished Sarah J. Maas' latest installment in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series a couple of hours ago and my thoughts all over the place. One thing for sure is that my heart is filled with such joy. I loved this novella! A Court of Frost and Starlight is lighthearted and exactly the filler I needed before the spin-off series releases.

To sort my thoughts, I figured I would divide this review into sections and work my way from there.

Feysand (Rhysand & Feyre)

To be quite honest, I can never have too much Feysand (especially Rhys). After so much devastation and turmoil in their lives, they deserved to be happy. It was great to see how much they're both healing after the war. Although my heart broke a little when Rhys was venting to Cassian about how he's waiting for his life to fall apart because no one can be THAT happy and not have to pay for it. I don't think Rhys will every realize how much he has sacrificed for his family's happiness. I mean, he died for Christ's sake. We also finally got THE much anticipated wall scene at the cabin and it was...something. My favorite quote features in Rhys' point of view after Feyre gives him her remaining Solstice gift:

"Any lingering scrap of my soul that hadn't already belonged to her had unconditionally surrendered that night." (Ch. 23)

I might have teared up a little with the way it ended. I just love them dearly and I can't wait to see where their future will take them.

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice in Velaris seems beautiful. I wish Velaris was real to be honest; it reminds me of Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls. Besides that, I don't think I've ever laughed so much while reading a book. The Inner Circle has to be my favorite group of characters. I just about lost it when it was revealed that the greatest Illyrian warriors in Prythian history have a traditional snowball fight every Solstice. Also, a drunken Cassian and Feyre decorating? Yes please. That gift exchange? An absolute pleasure to read. I think my favorite present was the powder for Azriel's headaches from Elain. And little Rhysie?! Yes, just yes.

I'm also glad Nesta eventually showed up, awkward as it may be. She still has a lot of healing to do which is understandable.


This I have a lot to say for. I'm torn. Yes, Tamlin was abusive in several aspects and does not deserve forgiveness. Yes, Tamlin also saved Feyre and Rhys (I'm not over that by the way. I will never be over Rhys' death despite the fact that he came back. I think I was hyperventilating the first time I read it) but he STILL does not deserve forgiveness. So why did I pity Tamlin's state of being? It seems that all the pain he's caused is finally eating at him. He didn't even have any shields around his home, as if he didn't care if someone killed him. Even Rhys seemed to feel a tad bit guilty.

Lingering Questions

I still have so many questions. Will Sarah J. Maas ever save Tamlin in the spin-off series? Will he ever be happy? And who the hell is his mate?!

As for Lucien and Elain, I know that sometimes the Cauldron makes poor decisions when it comes to mates but I wonder what will happen with them. It's clear that Elain wants nothing to do with Lucien, but will she ever try? I'm a bit torn about this too because I prefer Azriel with Elain, but I also Lucien to be happy.

Morr too for that matter. I wonder where her storyline will take her.

But alas, for now I'll just have to sit and wallow while I wait for her next book to come out.

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