10. Gum

Gum is usually on sale with rewards card 3 for $3 or $0.99!!!

9. Candy

Pharmacy's almost always has the candy near the register on sale for under a dollar!!!

8. Soup & Can Foods

Around thanksgiving most stores have name brand can foods for $0.99 especially Campbell's soups!!!

7. Face Mask

Face Mask is usually excluded from deals and coupons but every so often they will have a sale or coupon that doesn't. Clean and Clear, Yes 2, Leftover Holiday Store Brands and more. Just keep up with my post for the deals and always check the clearance aisles!!!

6. Eyebrow Pencils

Eyebrow pencils are usually not excluded from deals and coupons especially Covergirl I've actually made ECBs buying them. But have a limit I got so many I can't even give them away!!!

5. Shampoo/ Conditioner

Garnier, L'Oreal & Pantene usually are in the spend so much deal or coupon special of the week, A lot of times before rewards cash back it comes out $1 each usually at CVS but sometimes Walgreens and Target!!!

4. Mouthwash

Mouthwash is something like shampoo you can usually find in spend so much deal or coupon of the week, But a lot of times around the summer it's under a $1 or free before and/or after rewards cash!!!

3. 2 Litter Soda

You can ALWAYS find name brand soda for $0.99 or 3 for $3!!! They usually rotate what store gets that deal so always check all your weekly ads!!!

2. Movie Rentals

If you have amazon prime you've probably seen the ship within a week get a $1 prime video credit at checkout. You can save them up to rent the latest movie available on amazon prime or if your a Fandango VIP member you can use your $5 credit you earned from buying 4 movie tickets to get a movie rental for $0.99!!!

1. Toothpaste

Toothpaste is something you should NEVER pay for more then once. If you coupon at CVS or Rite Aid they usually give out coupons to get it free or pay $1 get $1 in rewards. If you roll your rewards every week, you will NEVER pay for toothpaste again!!!

And if none of these tips work for you theres always the Dollar Tree!!!