I'm one of those people who love every genre of music. Pop, hip-hop, rap, and even show tunes are all genres you can find in my music library.

Country is in my library, too. It may even be my favorite, but it is always under-appreciated.

I know most people feel like the country genre consists of artists singing about tractors and drinking beer, but it's so much more than that. Sure, there are some songs that do only consist of drinking beer, and there's even a song called "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy", but country music mostly consists of stories of hurt, heartbreak, and love.

The funny thing is that a majority of other genres rap and sing about drugs, relationships, and alcohol, and they are often more popular than country songs. Genres that put these topics into their music often do so for pure entertainment. Within country, each artist attempts to tell a story the listener can relate to.

Country can take you into so many different directions. Songs from this genre can get you in your feels or get you dancing and singing along. Plus, there is nothing better than a country concert tailgate. Country brings people together and makes you feel happy to be alive.

One of my favorite country songs is "Grow Old" by Florida Georgia Line. This song tells the story of a couple that grows old through their lifetime spent together. Songs like these are ones that people can relate to and feel something when they hear the lyrics. Country songs are honest, and the lyrics are always meaningful, real, and raw.

Next time you're in need of new music, try listening to some country. Real music makes you feel something, and that's just what country does. I promise it won't be something you'll regret.