Being a camp counselor can be pretty cool, but you'd be surprised at some of the things that will come out of your mouth when you are one. I've definitely noticed some reoccurring phrases over the years. That's where this list came from.

1. "What's in your hands?"

Shortly followed by...

2. "No, put that down!"

We don't throw rocks guys come on.

3. "WALK, don't run please."

Because if you fall we'll have to go all the way to the nurse's station.

4. "Yes, you have to take a shower."

Just because you're away from home doesn't mean you don't have to bath.

5. "No, the pool/lake isn't a shower."

I promise you still need to shower.

6. "Did you brush your teeth?"

Please take care of your hygiene.

7. "Did you try going to the bathroom?"

Always asked before bed, an important activity or when there's a belly ache.

8. "Why didn't you go when I told you to earlier?"

Okay fine, let's go.

9. "It's time for bed, quiet time now."

I'm so excited for sleep.

10. "I can hear you whispering, go to sleep."

But y'all are keeping me awake.

11. "Come on we don't wanna be late for flags."

AKA I don't want to get the death glare from the camp director.

12. "Please eat something, see I am too!"

Camp food may be less than ideal, but you aren't eating candy for dinner.

13. "No, the counselors do not like each other like that, we're all friends."

Please stop trying to play matchmaker.

14. "Yes, I'll help you get ready for the dance."

You'd think it was homecoming, not a camp dance.

15. "I'll miss you too."

The end of camp is always bittersweet.