As round 2 of prelims starts stealing all of your time, here are some nerdy, Cornell inspired costumes that you can quickly put together.

1. Orgo Final

Orgo is terrifying. Finals are tear-inducing. Why not combine the two for a hilarious and ~scary~ costume? Draw some aromatic compounds and resonance on a poster and you're good to go. Bonus if you make it a graded exam.

2. Winter is coming

Wear a Jon Snow-esque cape and pair it with a leaf crown inspired by the fall colors. Going by the solid 24 hours of rain that we have been experiencing the past week, winter is definitely rapidly approaching with snow sometime soon.

3. P > 0.05

If you've ever taken a stats class or do research you will understand the significance of this costume.

4. Bill Nye or Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Just wear a bow tie and a snazzy suit/lab coat for Bill. You can carry around a beaker for extra authenticity. For RBG, wear glasses, black clothing, and some lace for the jabot.