Why Corinne From 'The Bachelor' Needs To Go

Ah, The Bachelor (or, as it should be called, "The Corinne Show"); the slightly outdated, more-or-less sexist reality/game show that we know we shouldn't watch, but we do anyway. I decided to tune in out of curiosity one Monday night, only to be sucked into an endless vortex of red dresses, shark (dolphin?) costumes, and awkward post-hookup reunions. So, here I am, three weeks later and completely addicted, counting down the hours until Episode 4 premieres. There's one contestant this season that really piqued my interest, though. Everybody's favorite "multi-million dollar business owner" and cheese pasta lover, Corinne. It's not that I'm so interested in her because I want her to win. It's because she really, really needs to go home. Here are a few of my top reasons why I hope Corinne gets the boot tonight.

1. She has an insatiable urge to one-up all of the other contestants.

Corinne seems to think that she is the only girl that deserves Nick's attention, and will do anything to be his favorite...including disrobing and tackling him in an inflatable princess castle. Who knows what crazy method she'll use this episode?

2. She can't take criticism.

Many of the other women have voiced their concern over Corinne's behavior, and some have even gone to Nick to try to warn him about how she acts towards them. But, of course, she doesn't think she's done anything wrong at all. She's not even willing to listen to what they have to say. Everyone else's opinion is irrelevant. This kind of attitude definitely does not fly in a relationship.

3. She doesn't seem ready to be in this situation.

Okay, so I don't know Corinne personally, and she might be absolutely lovely, mature, and rational in real life. But, what she's shown us is that she can't handle not getting her way. What's even sadder, in my opinion, is that she seems to think the only way to win Nick's attention is to throw herself at him. I genuinely feel bad for Corinne, and I wish she would realize that if she used her personality and achievements to impress Nick, she might get farther than she would just using her body. I think that she needs to take some time to get to know herself before she seeks out a husband.

4. The whipped cream incident.

My conscience won't allow me to put a GIF of what actually happened in this article. Sorry, guys. if you're curious, Google it at your own risk.

5. The pool/bridal shoot incident.

Good for her for being comfortable with her body, but it was still a little cringe-worthy. Also, Jasmine G's reaction face is everything.

6. She threatened to punch Taylor.

To be accurate, she said she wanted to "literally punch her in the face". I'm not sure if this threat should be taken seriously, but I wouldn't put it past her.

7. Her post-win speech after the bridal group date.

After explaining to everyone how she got the rose (Just be Corinne! It's so easy!), she finished off dramatically with "XOXO, Gossip Girl." No one was amused. If anything, she should be kicked off just for this. I'm still cringing.

Even if we have to live with Corinne for a few more episodes, Nick will probably come to his senses and pick someone else. Either way, she's definitely going to go down in Bachelor history.

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