15 Corgi Pictures To Make You Smile

I am proud to say I became an adopted mother to a wonderful little corgi named Socrates (I'm a Philosophy major, guys) this Christmas. And what a joy it has been raising this great creature! Corgis are some of the cutest, smartest and friendliest dogs there are. And oh, how they have brought some amazing internet joy to humans! I have opted to share some of my favorite corgi photos I found on the web to make you smile, because, I mean, their little legs, adorable faces and ears too big for their head are more than enough to turn around a less-than-happy day. Enjoy!

1. Bread Corgi

2. Dr. Who Corgi

3. Sleeping Corgis

4. Corgi In A Mailbox

5. Basic Corgi

6. Corgi With Pluto

7. Corgi And Cat

8. Royal Corgis

9. Hipster Corgi

10. Corgi with Corn

11. Corgi In A Sweater

12. Corgi With Winnie The Pooh

13. Corgi Puppy Squad

14. Jedi Corgi

15. Fluffy Butt Corgi

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