Coping with Finals

Coping with Finals

The advice I should have taken.

It's the most beautiful time of the semester, and when I say that, I say it sarcastically. Forget that winter break is upon us, think about finals! You know, the huge looming exams that could either break or save your GPA? Yeah, those are in the way before you can completely rejoice and celebrate the holiday season and its long break. Now, while I've personally just finished mine - you, my dear reader, might just be about to start prepping or cramming for yours. So let's get you starting on the right foot and avoid being like stressful me.

1. Sleep

I don't think I can stress this issue enough; if you don't sleep, your brain won't perform well enough to get you the grade you deserve after all that studying. Coming drowsy to an exam is akin to not answering a few extra credit questions about Christmas. So get those six hours of sleep or however much you need to be mentally awake for your test.

2. Drink coffee in moderation

I know nursing a thermos is some kind of romanticized action during finals, but honestly, you can only drink so much until you crash. Plus, it affects your sleep, and like we agreed on - you need sleep if you want to do well. So drink it before the exam and maybe have another cup or two after if you need it to study for another one. Just keep in mind that coffee after six won't do the trick!

3. Revise ahead of time/Practice, practice practice!

So you don't take notes in class, or your notes aren't organized enough to study from. Befriend a more studious student, reach out to your college's tutoring center, or if you have to - go to your professor. Just do it all ahead of time so you don't waste your precious hours writing down notes when you could be studying them. Also, if it's a math or science class like calculus or physics, and you're shaking your head that no - you don't memorize these things, well think again! Practice is the counterargument I have for you, friend! If you can expose yourself to as much problems as possible and answer them correctly, chances are - you will be good for your test.

4. Put your phone on airplane mode

Or pass it onto a friend who will safeguard it and keep it away from you for as long as you need. Your phone is your biggest distraction as well as your laptop - but you might need the latter for studying. So just keep it on silent for an hour or two and keep clear of online shopping and browsing. Your friends should understand and if your family needs you, there are - gasp! - other methods of reaching you.

5. Don't stress

I mean, it's kind of unavoidable unless you are admirably confident, but don't stress yourself too much. As long as you are giving or have given it your all, then have the assurance that you at least tried and that is all anyone can ask for. And if you do get a bad mark, then confront your professor - it may be too late for this semester, but you have many more ahead of you.

6. Wash your hands

And finally, you've done all that you can. Exit out of that exam room and throw that worry away. It's no use fretting over something that's been done, and you don't need that extra burden on your shoulders. You have gotten this far, you gave it your all - so just breathe, walk away, and things will be as they were fated to be.

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To A Friend Who Helped Me Regain Hope

You ever meet someone that you instantly click with. Almost like you've known the person your entire life. That's the feeling I got the instant I met this person.


My freshman and sophomore years of college were rough. A lot of the friends that I made at the beginning of freshman year had already dropped out. Some of them transferred or decided that college wasn't for them. My second semester of sophomore year was probably the worst. I had cut my ties with the friends I had and was on bad terms with the people I was close with back home. I felt lost and lonely. My days consisted of going to class, then to work, and then straight to my room to sleep. The only thing keeping me going was the promise of a fresh start once my junior year started.

I must have done something right, maybe I spoke it into existence or got really lucky, whatever the case may be, I got my prayer answered. At the very beginning of Junior year, I was determined to not let this year slip past me. I was sure that this was the year I would make my mark. I didn't know or when but I felt that things would start looking good for me and they did.

One brisk September night I decided that I would join a friend is going to a new club. At this club meeting, I got to meet so many new people. This was a community service club and I saw in everyone's way of speaking that they were all passionate about humanitarian issues, typical for members of a community service club. The club leaders were also advertising a trip upstate to help fix up a camp for kids with disabilities. I decided to go for it, it was something I had never experienced before.

I went on the trip with a group of people that I didn't really know, upstate NY for three days at a camp with no wifi and no cellular signal. Looking back this was a very impulsive decision to make and I'm insane for going through with it. I get to the campsite and unpack my bags, The cabin I'm staying at is cold but luckily I came prepared. I decided to walk around the campsite before calling it a night. The stars were infinitive, it was as if I was looking at a completely different sky, of course, the only difference was that this one wasn't covered in so many toxic fumes from industrial New York City. As I was staring upward I bump into this girl with huge blonde hair.

Her name isn't important but the impact that she would have on my life in the following months was sure to leave an impression. Right off the bat, she was so comfortable and expressive around me. She wasn't afraid to say what was on her mind and I really appreciated that. We spent the entire weekend together, it was as if we had been best friends for years. Months passed and we were still going strong. She helped center me. It was strange because it felt as if I was getting to know myself better the more I got closer to her. We did so much together, from spontaneous trips to NYC to midnight bike rides to a local golf course where we would have our photoshoots.

I never told her this but she helped me with my battle with my inner demons. She helped me fight off whatever negative spirit I had lingering over me. Everything got better, work was better, school was better, life overall was better. Now she's studying abroad and I barely get to talk with her, it feels like I haven't seen her in years. When I see her again, it'll be that much more special, like a piece of me has come back.


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