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30 Things I Would Rather Spend $30 On Than A Juul

If you are going to spend $30, here are some things that are really worth your money.

30 Things I Would Rather Spend $30 On Than A Juul

In case you have not heard, a type of e-cigarette called Juul has grown in popularity as an alternative to regular cigarettes and vaping. According to the company's website, "JUUL is an easy to use vaporizer designed for adult smokers looking for a genuine alternative to smoking cigarettes...The JUUL device is rechargeable via our magnetic USB charger and takes roughly one hour to charge fully." Despite the fact that the company itself has received continued backlash and lawsuits for possibly marketing directly to teens and undermining health risks associated with the product, the startup has gained popularity among teens and young adults.

Currently, Juul represents nearly 71% of the e-cig market and the company Juul Labs is valued at $15 billion. In my opinion, although I respect the wishes of the company to attempt to bring a cleaner e-cigarette to the public and respect the decision of those who buy their product (if they are +21 years old), I personally would not want to spend money on these e-cigs. Because of this, here is a list of things I would rather spend my money on than a Juul.

1. Shark Plush Slippers for Grown Ups ($24.99)- ThinkGeek

2. Smartphone Magnifier ($30)-Uncommon Goods

3. Colla Old Bold And Brash Squidward Decorative Painting  ($30.99)- Amazon


4. Shakespearean Insults Chart (Unframed $25)- Uncommon Goods

5. Bill & Ted Excellent Adventure Score Vinyl LP - Exclusive Color Disc ($24.99)- ThinkGeek

6. Kikkerland Zip and Flip Elephant Travel Pillow ($27)- Amazon


7. Secular Saint Candle - 8.5 Inch Glass Prayer Votive - Made in the USA by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild (Choose from 20 different "saints", $12.95)- Amazon


8. Misogynist Tears 6oz Flask ($18)- Bulletin

9.  Yimaler Selfie Ring Light ($17.99)- Amazon


10. Starman David Bowie Pin ($20)- Bulletin

11. Maps International Scratch the World Travel Map ($28.99)- Amazon


12. Colla African Women With Purple Hair  ($27.99)- Amazon


13. Design Your Own Headphones ($14.99)- Uncommon Goods

14. Funko POP Plush Jumbo Marvel Deadpool Toy Figure ($22.75)- Amazon


15. CozyPhones Sleep Headphones with Travel Bag ($24.95)- Amazon

16. Elodie Unicorn Teapot Set ($19.99)- ThinkGeek

17. WEILY Lighted Makeup Mirror (Rose Gold, $21.99)- Amazon

18. ThinkGeek Galaxy Bedding (Twin/Full-$24.99, Queen/King-$29.99)-ThinkGeek

19. Hedgehog LED Lamp ($25.95)- Mochithings

20. Crying Unicorn Candle ($26.29)- Firebox

21. Stuffed Blobfish ($26.29)- Firebox

22. Super Mario Mushroom Light ($19.69)- Firebox

23. Back in Black AC/DC Vinyl ($19.99)- Amazon

24. Docolor Makeup Brush Set, 17Pcs Professional Makeup Brushes ($20.99)- Amazon

25. Spiritual as F**k Yoga Mat ($26.19)- Firebox

26. Family Fun S'mores Maker ($24.01)-Amazon

27. Certified Refurbished Echo Dot ($29.99)-Amazon

28. World Color Map Mugs ($24)-Uncommon Goods

29. Olde Book Messenger Bag ($24.99)-ThinkGeek

30. Book light ($24.99)-ThinkGeek

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