How I Converted To Essential Oils

When I came home for summer break back in May, I was astounded and confused by the sudden change in my house: it had been converted to a sanctuary of essential oils. Instead of ibuprofen, there were essential oils added to water, or diffusing in the air around me. Over the past few months, my mom had stopped using regular products around the house and replaced them with homemade essential oil versions.

Alas, I was a hater. I made fun of her and told her she was wasting her time and that there was no way that oils could replace everyday things like ibuprofen.

I was steady in my doubt of the usefulness of essential oils. That is, until I ran out of lotion and it was time to get more. Instead of spending money on some overpriced lotion from Bath & Body Works, my mom whipped up some lotion for free. I'm all for some free stuff. Then, I needed some face wash, and again, I received some homemade face wash. After using these products for a few weeks, they really grew on me.

As it was time to go back to school, my mom's essential oils were definitely not the first thing on my mind, but I did briefly think about how unfortunate it would be to have to go back to using Walmart face wash and overpriced lotion when I ran out. However, that will not be my future.

As any Furman student can attest to, receiving mail is just a step above Christmas. One day, I got an email that I had received a package. As I went to pick it up, it was a large box with a Young Living label on it. As I eagerly, yet confusedly, took it back to my dorm, I ripped open the box to discover a personal essential oil care package from my mom.

It included more homemade products such as deodorant and more face wash, but also a diffuser, and a little starter kit of essential oils that she thought I would get the most use out of. The best part is a personal printout of all the ways I can use each oil and what their therapeutic properties are.

Although I haven't willed myself to put the oils in my drinks--which my mom swears tastes good, but I still don't buy it--but diffusing and using all the products have really had a positive impact on my life. I'm sleeping better with the diffuser and my skin is reacting extremely well to my face products.

Also, I don't have to spend money on those things anymore. So it's honestly a win. If you've never tried using essential oils or were a skeptic like me, then I highly suggest giving them a try. The possibilities are endless and the products are all natural. Who wouldn't be down for that?

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