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Instead Of Being Content With What We Buy, We Always Forget About What We Already Have

As the world advances quickly, people want to move with it.

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Every child asks either their parents or God or just hopes in general for something that they really want. Once they receive it, they forget they even asked for it to begin with. People these days have become unappreciative towards everything around them and it is upsetting to watch it get worse day by day.

As a child, I always asked my parents for a dollhouse. Once I received the dollhouse, I forgot the fact that I truly waited so long for this moment to come and idolized the item until it came into my hands. My love for the dollhouse faded, and I believed it was just another scrappy toy. Instead, I began to idolize the dolls and furniture that came inside the dollhouse to make it better. The dollhouse, dolls or furniture were never enough. There was always something more that could top it off. It wasn't enough to only own the dollhouse. After receiving the dollhouse, I realized there were so many items that I wanted to include in my dollhouse that the dollhouse didn't seem like it was worth anything until it had everything inside of it.

Nowadays, there are new phones coming out every year. After the release of the iPhone X, people forget the value and time they put into the iPhone 8 that they purchased. There is always new technology releasing all the time that kids and even adults forget the value of their own products once a new or better technology comes out. Once a PS4 comes out, the child believes the PS3 no longer has any value, therefore, he asks for a newer model to live up to the standards. With this, the mindset of material has become dynamic as well. People have insanely become materialistic, and it has become a problem not just financially but morally because people are not appreciative with what they receive. There is always more and never enough satisfactory.

Not only is this a problem with objects but also with religion. People tend to pray to God for a grade, toy or event they desire to come about. Once their wish is fulfilled, they forget about the fact that they had originally prayed to God for it. They move on to asking for more things and events rather than being thankful for the one they just. The idea of wanting more has increased, while the idea of being appreciative has diminished. It's crazy to think that at one point you were praying for what you have now, and you still haven't thanked God for it.

As time passes, this matter only gets worse. This world is insanely dynamic in that people keep wanting better rather than appreciating what they just received. As the world advances quickly, people want to move with it. Though, while moving, they forget that they worked hard for what they received and instead think it's not worth anything.

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