Role Models For The College Conservative
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Role Models For The College Conservative

Check out some successful young conservatives that will inspire you...

Role Models For The College Conservative
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After attending Turning Point USA's Young Women Leadership Summit, I have found new role models. Being conservative in college is hard enough, believing different things than most of your peers. Well these following people have successfully beat all odds of liberal campuses, and are living proof conservatives do survive, and quite successfully. I have had the chance to personally hear these men and women in person, and I assure you they're all brilliant.

1. Tomi Lahren

Tomi tells it like it is. She isn't afraid of hurting anyone's feelings or speaking her mind. She is a political commentator and hosts her own show, Tomi, on TheBlaze. She is famous for her "Final Thoughts" which often call out the left and spark controversy, which she loves. She is an advocate for speaking your mind.

2. Charlie Kirk

Charlie started his own greatly successful organization of Turning Point USA. He is an inspiration for all of us college students hoping to have our own success stories. Age is just a number and Charlie can attest to that. At 22, he has made appearances on Fox News and Business, CNBC over 200 times. Not to mention the fact that his organization has brought thousands of college students together to fight for the conservative movement.

3. Katie Pavlich

Katie is a role model for the conservative woman and has something to say to all of the modern feminists out there - they're doing it wrong. She writes in her book Assault and Flattery how the left has ruined the word feminism. She is also a social media whiz and won blogger of the year in 2013.

4. Joe Walsh

If you value freedom, you value Joe Walsh. Walsh is the definition of a freedom fighter and uses his first amendment right to defend himself. He served as a congressman from 2011 to 2013. He now hosts his own radio show.

5. Carly Fiorina

Carly is humble. Be like Carly. She worked her way up and is a true representation of the American Dream. She started out as a secretary and was the first woman to run a top 20 company. She was a major candidate in the 2016 Presidential election, but unfortunately she was not the nominee. She is an inspiration to women, showing that if you have a dream you can work hard to achieve it.

6. Kat Timpf

Kat is perfectly awkward and smart, just like the average college student. She is very relatable as she too is a millennial and a libertarian. You can find Kat on Fox News speaking her mind on feminism, political correctness and economic issues. Kat is not only a political commentator but a comedian, which is a hilarious combination.

7. Kimberly Corbon

Kimberly has a sad story, but a very powerful one. She was sexually assaulted in her own apartment while in college. She took that man to court and he did time for his actions. She is now a second amendment activist, saying her assault could have been prevented if she was armed.

8. Amanda Owens

Amanda started the leading conservative movement for women with just a Twitter account. She is a leading figure among college women, and it all started with angry tweets about the state of our country. Future Female Leader empowers conservative women with its blog, shop and social media. You can find her in an elephant skirt, sipping white wine, and tweeting sassy remarks calling out the left's false definition of feminism. Check out her website at

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