Growing up a conservative girl in an increasingly liberal world isn't exactly always a walk in the park.

When I came to college, I expected pretty much everyone to be like me. I use my manners, I appreciate guns, and I believe that guys should still open truck doors and wear their cowboy boots with their Wranglers. Ya know, Southern things.

Until I came to a large university, I never imagined that I would have friends that would promote LGBTQ or go to a women's march, but I do. I never thought I would have a professor to tell me if I was going to vote, I better vote Democrat, but I did. I never thought that I would have to bite my tongue as often as I do to keep from pissing people off or starting a debate, but I do.

And then I heard someone say that they weren't going to vaccinate their kids.

Excuse me?

Did I hear that right?

"Why wouldn't you vaccinate your kids?" I blurted out and I immediately regretted it. "Vaccines protect your child. They protect future generations and why wouldn't you want to keep your child from getting a PREVENTABLE disease. What if your child goes to school sick and gives a disease to a transplant patient with a weakened immune system because you chose not to vaccinate them? Have you ever had measles?" I asked.

They answered with a quick "no" and I said, "Yeah, that's because your parents vaccinated you," and then I walked away because I could feel myself getting heated.

And then I heard someone say that the wall was stupid and that we are not animals in a zoo.

"Okay first, I think you need to look at this from a different perspective," I responded. "You're right, we aren't animals in a zoo because zoos are meant to keep animals in, but this wall is meant to keep others out. I respect your opinion and because you shared yours, I'm going to share mine as well with the hope that you will keep an open mind. There are both positives and negatives to literally having a wall bordering our country, but I think it is best to focus on giving others the opportunity to gain their citizenship in the U.S. without having to jump through hoops."

"Why don't we focus on simplifying the citizenship process and encouraging others to come here to work and live the American dream rather than living off the government? If you do things the right way, I have no problem with you entering my country. It's the people that don't do it right that I have a problem with."

Immediately this person raised their voice at me and blurted out how their family were immigrants and how I was stupid for even thinking a wall could work and then I walked away because I could feel myself getting heated-again.


As long as you respect me, I am going to respect you. I would love to hear your opinions and have a discussion like adults. I want to understand your thought process and I want you to be yourself around me and I challenge you to try to get me to change my mind, but I also want you to understand that I have an opinion as well.

I am a conservative female in a liberal world. I am a millennial that does not encourage feminism or LGBTQ. I am a 21-year-old woman with my concealed carry permit. I will vaccinate my children and I want Trump to build the wall.

Respect my opinions as much as I respect yours.