6 Summer Makeup Products French Girls Love
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6 Summer Makeup Products French Girls Love

The country might be problematic but finding makeup doesn't have to be.

6 Summer Makeup Products French Girls Love
Goh Dan Qing

French girls love these products! And we all know the French are doing something right.

Makeup is an integral part of not just my, but many people's lives! With summer approaching, I have been slowly collecting some new products that would suit the warmer and more humid weather (I didn't wear much makeup in Malaysia).

1. Glossier's Invisible Shield SPF

This boasts to be lightweight, blendable, and breathable. It applies smoothly under makeup and keeps the harmful rays away - especially since Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreements and 2017 is kind of a dumpster trash of a year.

2. MARC JACOB's Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator

You want that natural, dewy, summer-glow for a more youthful look. Keep your cheekbones highlighted enough that you blind your haters.

3. 100% Pure's Fruit Pigmented Blackberry Mascara

Why put blackberries on your eyelashes instead of your mouth? Well, like for women, fruits also have a strict and almost unattainable standard of beauty and attraction that leads to massive food waste in a country trying to cut funding for the food-stamp program. Yeah, because poor people without food need more defense spending.

4. Glossier's Clear Lip Gloss

This is a favorite for minimalists out there who just want that perfect pout. It's clear and straightforward, unlike our current administration. If only they could be as transparent as this gloss.

5. NAR's Radiant Creamy Concealer

NAR's has been a beauty favorite from before I was born. I am a particular fan of their Orgasm Blush! This concealer comes in 16 diverse shades for the people who aren't just shades of white (just kidding, there's only like 2 darker shades). Usually, I'm not a fan of concealer, but they are great for covering up socio-political blunders like shoving the PM of Montenegro like it's not a major economic powerhouse. Sorry, I meant the dark circles from crying yourself to sleep.

6. Anastasia Beverly Hills' Brow Wiz

If you're anything like me your brows lack a bit of luster. But, no fear! The Brow Wiz is here! It's a simple process of just filling in the sparse spots. Remember, your brows are sisters, not cousins. Kind of like the EU and US before somebody blundered in there like the Kool-Aid man kicking down walls.

Tip, I feel like my girl Angie Merkel has been through a lot of mansplaining, but if she is this done, you really must have done something pretty bad.

That's basically my Summer makeup recommendations, hope you love them! If you don't, to each his own. Keep hydrated and safe this summer! Because remember, climate change skeptics rule the country now and that could mean another hole in our Ozone layer!


Kisses, Dan <3

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