Confidence And Low Self Esteem Doesn't Equal Sexiness.

"Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear."

I wonder who the first person was that decided this statement is true. Before this was considered a universal fact. Before confidence was one of the top three emotions a woman was allowed to have without backlash. Before it was decided that one's emotions could make someone more sexually attractive. Because I seriously want to tell this person off.

I'm sorry, but too much of a "good thing" is bad. If every woman were confident all the time, there'd be way too much gradualization, exaggerating, competition, bragging, and ego trips.

Nothing like being arrogant to bring the boys to the yard, am I right?

Why is this emotion put above just feeling good or content? Or the dreaded happiness emotion that people try to get women to feel all the time? Being ecstatic? Feeling joyful? Those emotions won't make a woman sexy?

I'm not saying that feeling confident is a bad thing. Confidence helps someone get through a job interview. Confidence gets someone through a first date? Confidence is what public speakers have. But is feeling confident really the sexiest thing on a woman? Ugh. I'll pass.

And the little sister saying, "Low self-esteem isn't sexy."

What is it with people assigning sexy to words that it doesn't belong to? Having low self-esteem has NOTHING to do with being sexy. Confidence has nothing to do with being sexy. These two concepts are not equal to sexiness, and I wish people would stop trying to make them so. People need to stop letting emotions determine sexuality.

I admit, I'm biased when it comes to confidence. I don't find someone who's confident attractive. To me, to be so confident means that life hasn't knocked you down a peg or two. Is someone a powerful psychic that they know they're going to pass a test or they know they look good? Why are they so confident about themselves or situations? That's annoying.

I also don't find people with low self-esteem sexy. Someone with low self-esteem is not concerned with how sexy they are. If part of their low self-esteem is wanting to find a romantic partner and feeling like they can't find someone, why is that equal to not being sexy? Does romantic love equal being sexy now? Why wasn't I informed of this change? If this is how things are now, shouldn't everyone be aware of this? Or is this one of those trillions of unspoken societal rules?

And I don't have a vendetta to turn peoples' low self-esteem into high self-esteem like the rest of the world seems to. People don't have light switches on their emotions. Sad can't automatically become happy on command. Low self-esteem can't become high self-esteem on command. Fearful can't become confident on command.

Why is there this seeming obsession with getting the whole world to feel only positive emotions? For sexiness? To be sexy? To make everyone sexy? Come on, give me a break people. Find a different objective in life.

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