How Communal Bathrooms And Limited Personal Space Shaped Me Into A Better Person
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Student Life

How Communal Bathrooms And Limited Personal Space Shaped Me Into A Better Person

We're not in Kansas anymore.

How Communal Bathrooms And Limited Personal Space Shaped Me Into A Better Person

Tears flowed down my face one night in August and you would’ve thought someone had died. On the contrary though, a new person was about to be born. The night before I moved into my college I was faced with a range of emotions; sadness, nervousness, excitement, and anxiousness.

All these feelings were normal being that I was about to move two hours away from home and begin a new life in college. I had no idea what to expect but I did know that a big transition was about to happen and a bunch of changes within me were about to happen.

College life is something where you should definitely expect the unexpected. I made so many new and different discoveries every day and those discoveries changed my outlook on life, the world, and people- all within a few quick months! Between dorm life, having no job, juggling school and play, and interacting with new people from places far and wide, I feel like I have experienced a lifetime longer than 18 years.

Dorm living has been the most humbling experience that I have ever been through and I mean that in both a negative and positive way. I discovered that not everyone was raised like I was and I truly believe that some people weren’t raised at all (take a step into a communal bathroom and you’ll understand).

Personal space becomes something you don’t get too often and walking becomes your main source of transportation. My patience was tested every day and over time I learned how to become more patient and compromising with the environment around me. The hardships of dorm living really got to me and still does to this day but I’m thankful for the ways it’s helped me grow.

Food and eating is a big part of everyone’s lifestyle but college changes that very quickly. Your options are limited to fast food places around campus and dining halls. Those choices get old really quick. Also, your eating schedule is forced to change due to the weird schedules you’re faced with in college.

I started gaining weight and felt unhealthier which hurt my self-confidence. As time progressed though, I have learned little ways to eat wiser and I have found the importance in loving myself and treating my body right. I’ve come to appreciate the gym and I plan on converting to vegetarianism soon. I’m no health guru but I have discovered the importance of healthier lifestyles!

Other things like friendship conflicts, stress related to school, and relying on parents for money had an effect on me but helped me grow and learn. I’m more of a penny pincher now, I am extremely selective with who I surround myself with, and I now value peace within myself more than anything.

I️ have rediscovered my faith in God during the struggles I’ve dealt with during my freshman year and I am stronger and smarter than I have ever been.

College becomes your home away from home and it’s a big transition that brings so many lessons and experiences that will reshape who you are as a person. My freshman year has changed me for sure in all the most positive ways and I can’t wait to grow even more over my next few years here in college.

I now look at life as a place with new discoveries in every corner that can supply me with lessons and experiences that I can carry with me for a lifetime!

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