Confessions Of A Kerbey Lane Addict
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Confessions Of A Kerbey Lane Addict

Diner addicts unite (please?)

Confessions Of A Kerbey Lane Addict
Kerbey Lane Cafe/Twitter

Hi, my name is Trinh and I’m a Kerbey Lane Cafe addict. Kerbey Lane Cafe is one of Austin’s most famous diners due to its’ artistic modern decor, eccentric atmosphere, and of course, the mouth-watering food. However, when someone mentions Kerbey Lane, it’s more than just a good restaurant to me, it’s a collection of every bright and syrup-dipped memory I had in high school, it’s a collection of late night drives for their sweet potato fries, and it’s a collection of milestones that shaped my adolescence. Jeez, that suddenly got deep, didn’t it? Well, considering that my high school was a block away from the neon-worded queso lighthouse, it’s safe to say that I was a regular. Here are a few of the reasons why my food lovin’ soul craves KL sometimes (all. the. time.)

1. Face-sized pancakes

I am a die hard blueberry with a messy cinnamon swirl on top gal. But on the special occasion, usually when I lose all control of my ethics, I’ll order the beignet pancake. Oh, what is this beignet pancake, you ask? It’s a fluffy, warm, and indulgent pancake topped with an espresso glaze and a fair topping of powdered sugar. If death by a sugar coma is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right.

2. Frothy hot chocolate

Ah, a whipped cream masterpiece comparable to the white beauty of Mt. Everest itself. There’s something comforting about the warm chocolate milk topped with a starry swirl of whipped cream, and finished off with a beautiful display of chocolate syrup that even Van Gogh would be proud of.

3. Kerbey Queso

One of the top quesos on my list (Torchy’s Tacos also serves an amazing queso), this creamy queso blanco topped with a heaping pico de gallo and guacamole pit delicacy is probably one of the reasons why I’m serving queso at my wedding. Sorry future husband, that’s non-negotiable. My chip to queso ratio is less chip, more queso and when it comes to this Kerbey classic, it’s best to have a stretcher prepared for my inevitable food coma.

4. Quirky staff

Aside from the food, there’s something magnetic about everyone that works at KL. They’re kind, quirky, and their warmth somehow makes the food taste 100x times better. They all seem to have a story and it’s hard to remember that they spend hours on their feet serving us hangry customers, so next time you’re there ask them how their day is going. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

5. Pretty wall art

Surrounded by a hustle & bustle vibe of a 24-hour diner, consistent chip dipping, and clanking silverware, there’s a beautiful stillness in the art plastered on the walls of the restaurant. Ranging from scenes of our beloved Austin, Texas to almost anything else, the art display represents the charm and soul of Kerbey Lane itself. My dream? To be able to purchase a short stack of beignet pancakes and a piece of art AT THE SAME TIME. Too ambitious? Maybe, but I’ll just drown my sorrows in the hot chocolate…

6. Laughter and (taco-based) memories

Whether if it the early cross country runs with the goal of eating our weight in breakfast tacos or the countless times I’ve ravenous sweet tooth cravings and forced my friends to drive at 10PM with me to the nearest KL, I have purely good memories at this Austin original so I’m only looking forward to making more memories and eating more feelings.

7. Post-Kerbey Nostalgia

The day after each Kerbey Lane adventure ends with me either googling pictures of their green chiles mac and cheese or contemplating buying the bulk pancake mix through amazon prime...regardless to say, I’m kinda a fan.

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