5 Confessions From a Former Barista
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5 Confessions From a Former Barista

Here’s the tea


For three years I worked at a local coffee shop in my town as a barista. Those three years were filled with coffee stains, espresso burns, and early mornings that I wouldn't change for anything. With that being said Baristas are just normal servers who struggle like everybody else.

1. We’ve used expired milk

Okay, so not like two week old milk but when the morning rush has come in, and you’re struggling to stay afloat, day old milk ain’t ever hurt anybody

2. I really didn’t know how to spell your name 

Listen. I’m sorry Emily, Emilee, and Emalie but I didn’t have time to ask you how to spell your unique and “hipster” name nor did I really care. Now take your blended vanilla latte and scram.

3. Not every drink we make is the same 

Okay, so yes if you’re gonna order a caramel mocha your ingredients will be the same, but the effort won’t. Espresso shots are a dangerous game and steaming milk is no joke. So if your latte is flat or your iced coffee is warm, try saying hi to your barista or just even acknowledge that we’re people rather than coffee machines.

4. I’ve lied about knowing what drink people want. 

Oh, you want this drink with a super weird name that you had at that super weird coffee shop? No problem, I’ll just go google that and worst comes to worst I add vanilla and call it a day.

5. We judge people based on what they order

if you're getting anything frozen I'm gonna assume you don't even like coffee or if you only get shots of espresso I'm going to think you're a coffee snob. End of story.

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