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We all know the terms "introvert" or "extrovert" and most of the time, a lot of us fall somewhere in between the two. But just to freshen the memory, an extrovert is someone who is quite open to social situations; they are natural leaders, mainly confident, very driven individuals. Introverts, however, often tend to keep to themselves, are deemed "quiet", are naturally drawn to being alone and think more than they speak.

Personally, I consider myself an introvert. I do have a lot of extroverted traits, but more often than not I prefer living my life in an introverted manner. And it's not because I despise leadership or being social; in fact I love hanging out or going out with my friends, but it's because I enjoy the feeling of being alone with my own thoughts, it gives me a sense of clarity, allows me to breathe, and gives me the space to evaluate what exactly is going on around me.

But given that, more often than not, people make quite a few misconceptions about me being an introvert, often based on stereotypes but in reality...

1. I don't love quiet places

In reality, I hate the quiet. more often than not, I have the television or radio on, the radio playing, or play white noise playlists in my house while I clean or work. Introverted does not mean silent, while I do enjoy the serenity of a quiet home, I do not like it to be so quiet it's uncomfortable.

2. I'm not socially inept

This does not seem to be the case with me. While, yes, other people who identify as introverted often shy away from large social situations, I find myself drawn to them. I love meeting new people and having conversations. I love knowing your dogs name, your dads favorite color, or your favorite midnight snack.

3. I don't want to hide from the world

I very much would love to explore it. Often times I spend my alone time researching trips and locations, seeing when the best times to go would be and finding the best prices. The world is magnificent and I am in no way trying to hide from it.

4. I don't love books

More often than not, you won't find me with my nose in a book. Rather, it's more common to find me sifting through vinyls at 2nd and Charles or trying to decipher a cookbook. It's rare that I have the time or energy to sit down and read all the way through a novel.

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5. I'm not obsessed with my phone

Now, that's not saying I don't love posting dog pics on Instagram, or tweeting about Harry Styles. But more often than not, I find myself using my phone to play music or to tell me how to get to the local antique shop. I've, more than once, left my phone at home when going to school or work, simply because I've forgotten about it when I was busy living. So if I don't respond to your text for a couple hours, or I haven't Snapchatted you back all day, it's not because I love you any less, it's simply because I'm not always on my phone.

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