Concerts Are The Best Kind Of Medicine
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Concerts Are The Best Kind Of Medicine

Concerts Are The Best Kind Of Medicine

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of seeing one of my favorite bands in concert. I saw Foster the People at the Louisville Palace in Louisville, Kentucky. The concert exceeded my expectations and more. The band sounded great live, the audience was lively, and the setlist was on point. My one complaint? It ended too soon. Just like after all the other concerts I have been to, post-concert depression hit me hard once we left the venue. There is something about concerts that leave you with a feeling like you are on top of the world, and I think there are a few reasons why that is.      

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being among a sea of people all cheering and clapping for the same purpose. When you attend a concert you ultimately become something that is bigger than yourself. You are in a secluded area with hundreds of other people who may not come from the same surroundings as you, may not have the same political or religious views, education level, or social class as you, but there is one common theme among everyone: music. You are all bonding over one singular thing and essentially, yet unknowingly, putting all of your differences aside for one night in the spirit of seeing one of your favorite bands/artists.   

Therefore, if you ever feel alone, confused or just in the search for a good time, go to a concert. When singing along to the lyrics and dancing with a bunch of other people, you tend to forget about the problems and stresses of everyday life for a little bit. The loudness of the music, the crowdedness of the room, and the brightness of the lights may seem overwhelming in it itself, but that’s the point. You get lost in it. The artist up on stage sucks you into the world of their song lyrics and it just becomes one big therapeutic session. Singing your heart out to the words of your favorite song is the best way vent, and it is even better when you can do it with the artist singing it along with you in real life.     

Whether you are at a country concert outdoors, a rock concert in a small indoor venue or at a music festival, there is something each type of concert brings to the table. At small venues, you still have that same sense of unity with the people around you, but you also feel more connected with the band up on stage. At large venues, the concert turns into more a social event. With so many people around you, there is bound to be lots of screaming, singing and dancing. Also if you go to a multiple day music festival, you will find yourself bonding with the people around you since you are spending so much time together. No matter what the genre of music or the size of the venue, concerts bring people together and you may find yourself making new friends when you go.    

Do yourself a favor and look up if any of your favorite bands or artists are coming near you anytime soon. Even if you have to take a little road trip to go to a show, it is worth it and sometimes makes the experience even better. Also, going to a concert will give you something to look forward to when you are trying to get through a hard school week and it is a nice break from the typical weekend. 

I hope you take my advice because, as I left the Foster the People concert that night in October and suffered through my post-concert depression, I realized that there was only one cure — to anxiously look forward to the next concert and hope that I get that same therapeutic, exciting and unifying experience again (which I will).

“ Certain melodies can heal a broken heart. Certain melodies can bring down walls. Certain melodies can bring justice to injustice. Certain melodies can make you unafraid when you should be afraid and that’s the power of music. ” - Mark Foster

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