Why A Concert Should Be A Safe Place And Not A Terror Site
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Why A Concert Should Be A Safe Place And Not A Terror Site

In memory of Las Vegas.

Why A Concert Should Be A Safe Place And Not A Terror Site

I'd like to open this week's article expressing my condolences to all affected by the Las Vegas massacre that happened last weekend. It is a horrifying event and a tragedy to watch news stories unfold.

This article is dedicated to all the victims, their families, and for those going through times of crisis, whether it would be through natural disaster or gun violence.

Twice in my life (and a third in a few weeks) have I attended a concert. The first: Michael Bublé. The second: Bastille and Imagine Dragons later on.

Two concerts I sat through with family and friends and enjoyed music of famous artists.

That was not the case for what happened last weekend.

Vegas was a horrific tragedy. One man, with hundreds of bullets, managed to kill 58 concert-goers and wound hundreds of others. Months earlier, an Ariana Grande had a similar fate.

And this deters a lot of attention from concerts. Parents refuse to let their children go to a concert fearing a similar faith. Fans bring extra protection to make sure they don't follow a similar fate, and security is heightened to the maximum to ensure total safety.

This should not be the fate of the artist, and I raise my point: concerts are a safe space, not a terror site.

As a musician, it is disheartening when people turn away from the power of music because events like these happen. Musicians like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons, and Michael Bublé draw massive fanbases globally. Their music connects to people through lyrics, artistry, and orchestration. To have the fear of the unknown plague the event is a tragedy.

Concert-goers need to have reassurance though. Many concert events are prepared with guards of the singer, guards of the venue, and guards of the state in the venue. Security is lined to the max to ensure the safety of all who play the venue and all who attend. The goal of security is simply to ensure concert-goers attend the shows and walk out smiling and singing.

While there may be horrific events related to concerts, there are also great stories to come out of them. People giving up their lives to save others. People sacrificing their safety to protect the weak and the injured. News stories are shown with the injured reunited with those who saved them.

Memories are also created out of concerts. A friend of mine took her little sister to her first concert and a further bond was created. I bonded with my grandfather and sister over Michael Bublé and my friends over Bastille and Imagine Dragons.

Vegas may have occurred and many questions still remain. Yet a concert still remains a safe place. Citizens walk out safely each night and memories are made and kept. A concert is a place of love and acceptance, not of hate and terror.

In loving memory of the 58 individuals killed in Vegas and with prayers to those injured in the massacre.

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