My Complicated Relationship with the Political Left as A Democrat.

My Complicated Relationship with the Political Left as A Democrat.

I have come to a revelation about my Liberals that I think they need to hear me out for....

If you believe in freedom of Speech, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, or any of the basic freedom's the Constitution grants us. You might not be a progressive, although you'd like to think you are. I certainly did. I considered myself a progressive liberal, a socialist, fighting for equality for all people. The working class, Muslims, women, people of color, and other minorities. Progressives to me were people who spoke louder then the average Democrat, they were activists, in your face on equality and freedom. One of the things I've been the most vocal about since I came to the Odyssey was Islamophobia. The idea of hating on someone for their religion is disgusting to me. Being a Roman Catholic, I would be disgusted if someone was to bash me for my religion. But yet, I discovered I couldn't ignore Sharia law, something enforced in the Islamic faith, a law that allows anyone who suspects you of being gay, says you should be tossed off a building. You may not even be gay, but if someone thinks you are, it is just enough to get yourself killed. That's when I realized, we need a reformation of Islam. We've already had that with Christianity, Catholicism and even Judaism.

Unfortunately, those who criticize Islam, such as Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Bill Maher (who I still despise for bashing all religions,) are accused by many people, specifically liberals, including myself, of being racist. I'm not denying that there are people who do hate Islam and there hate the followers, as people. But what the three people I mentioned above have in common is that they hate the idea of Islam, not the people who follow it. Of course they're going to question why someone follows a certain faith, but they don't hate you for it. They hate Sharia law, they hate how women are oppressed in the Muslim world, and they hate extremists. For us liberals, who push for women's rights, and LGBT rights, we should hate Sharia law. But we hate the travel ban made on seven Muslim countries as well, so of course we are going to reduce all the arguments made against Islam to "that's racist." This is hypocritical especially since most Liberal's I know will bash Christian's for anything they do that's bigoted or evil.

I am one of a few Democrats who are willing to admit that I am pro-life. I get accused all the time of being sexist and anti-feminist because of this.They always say, if you oppose abortion then you are not a feminist. Funny too, because I never even identified myself as a feminist to begin with, and I still don't consider myself a feminist. They first thing most feminists have attacked because of my pro-life stance is that I am Roman Catholic. The Roman Catholic church has been one of the most vocal opponents of abortion. As a Roman Catholic Democrat living in a more secular age, t I am very well aware that church and state are separate which I support, so I never preach my beliefs, and never use them in any argument. But yet, feminists use that against me.

I support gay rights, including gay marriage. One would think that I believe any private baker, no matter what religion should bake a cake for a gay wedding upon request. But I don't. Forcing a christian baker who owns a private business, to bake a cake against his religious beliefs is in and of itself, a violation of the freedom of religion. Dave Rubin, an openly gay man, even said, "I'll just find another baker."

Just by reading everything above, you might think, I'm not even a Democrat anymore. I'm certainly not a progressive liberal anymore. I now consider myself a classical liberal. As a classical liberal, my saying is "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it." I may not agree with those who support abortion, but those who support it have every right to. They have every right to criticize me as long as they are aware I have a right to be pro-life.

As a classical liberal, I don't just push for diversity of race, religion, ethnicity, expression, etc.) I also push for diversity of thought. This means that Republicans have a right to voice their opinions, even if you don't like them. A conservative student should have every right to wear a "Make America Great Again" cap in public without being attacked for it. As someone who is pro-life, I should have the right to believe that life begins at the moment of conception despite a majority telling me the opposite.

I believe liberals done the political left a disservice by pushing what they believe to be the right way of thinking, and not basic freedoms objectively. That means if you are a critic of Islam, then you're a racist. If you oppose abortion, you're a sexist. If you're a Christian, you're dumb. If you're a Republican....well forget about it you basically lose status as a human in the eyes of the Left. I know I probably did because of this article, and I'm a Democrat, but then again being a straight white Catholic male doesn't help as well.

So for the Liberals:

If I am discussing a view you don't agree with as I just did in this article, and you have a strong opposing opinion on what I'm talking about. Listen to me and then discuss with me, why you disagree with me, and argue for your side of the debate. If you resort to calling anyone, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc.) You probably aren't even listening to the argument. And since I don't believe in "trigger warnings" although the Odyssey might ask me to put a trigger warning on the article, I would suggest you either: click out of the page or get up and leave the room.

I would rather have both of us debate and discuss our opposing views in real time. Let's have a rational conversation and maybe we can find a few things we might actually agree on. You'll be surprised.

So that being said...

To the protesters who go out and destroy other people's property because a President we didn't like got elected. To the people who assault Trump supporters. To anyone who treats there opinions and views as gospel, (and I certainly don't), you do not represent Democracy, let alone any of the freedoms we are granted here in the United States. And that needs to change because I have never been more ashamed to even consider myself a Democrat in my life until I discovered this.

Thank you and I hope you are all enjoying your summer!!

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You were even each other's first real college friend.

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Cover Image Credit: Katie Ward

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I Absolutely LOVE The Abortion Bill Oklahoma Has Passed

"Men controlling women"? Get over yourself.


"A pregnant woman seeking to abort her pregnancy shall be required to provide, in writing, the identity of the father of the fetus to the physician who is to perform or induce the abortion." The bill does include exceptions for cases of rape, incest, and when the mother's life is in danger or cases where the father of the fetus has died (and of course, there has to be proof of his death).

A woman HAS TO PROVIDE CONSENT OF THE FATHER in order to abort her pregnancy and I absolutely love this. People in my hometown and state-wide are obviously upset about this because a decent number of them are "pro-choice." They're claiming that this is just another way for "men to control women" and God forbid that gets in the way of their feminist, pro-choice agenda (and I'll address this unfathomable bullshit in a minute).

If you didn't notice already, I'm pro-life. I 100% agree with the bill, even the exceptions. I may be a pro-life Republican, but I'm also a decent human being. I'm sure pro-choice Democrats are either laughing or disgusted thus far, but let me tell you something.

There are other answers compared to killing something that you, or any other woman helped to create. One specifically is adoption. Before you make the cliche argument "Why would I place a child in such a terrible system when I could spare them the agony of a potentially terrible life?" (OR ANYTHING ALONG THOSE LINES), let me shed light on this.

Think of all the couples that desperately want children but have zero ability to have their own. Think about the families that would do anything to raise a child. While you, or any woman, is/are pregnant, there are plenty of adoption agencies that you can visit. You can look through hundreds-of-thousands of files, searching for an amazing family that you like. From there, you can sit through interviews and meet these families that are so. eager. to have a baby. If anything, think of how saddened and desperate Chandler and Monica were when they found out they couldn't have a baby. Instead of ripping away and literally killing a couple's chance of having a baby, give them yours.

A 9-10 month commitment isn't that big of a deal when you think in terms of granting happiness to someone for a LIFETIME. And considering that it's a felony homicide in Oklahoma now.

When you get an abortion, outside of the exceptions listed above, you're selfish. You're only thinking about yourself and the fact that you don't want to be a mom (and perhaps not financially stable--but we shall revisit the adoption topic). Well guess what? Someone is. Give them that chance. And if you're thinking I'm a hypocrite and wouldn't follow through with adopting a baby like I'm preaching right now, you're wrong. I would 100% adopt.

As for "men controlling women," get over yourself. Feminists rant about gender equality all the time and guess what? Think of how many women kept their babies even though their boyfriends, baby daddies, and maybe even fiances and husbands didn't want one. This is the same thing, but a gender reverse. I can think of many guys that wanted to be dads, but their girlfriends decided otherwise with no remorse for their feelings. If the father wants to keep the baby and be a dad, he deserves to fight for it.

It takes two to make a baby. The fathers of these unborn rays of sunshine deserve rights and, in Oklahoma, they just got it. You ladies want gender equality? You just got it. Quit the double standards. Quit your bitching.

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