Towards the end of high school, everyone talks about where they will continue their journey. Sometimes people decide to go across the country, or even leave the country. It can be disheartening hearing about it or even witnessing it, knowin that you're only going a car ride away.

But trust me, there are perks.

1. You're saving money.

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Whether it's present you, future you, your parents, or anyone else, you are saving someone money. If you're taking out loans like a lot of students, future you will thank you. Tuition is already expensive enough, so saving on room and board will be a life changer.

2. The food quality is better.

It's no secret that sometimes college dining hall food is... questionable. Commuting makes it easier for home cooked meals to be a daily thing. You can also see if your campus offers meal plans that are perfect for commuters, and that'll give you the best of both worlds.

3. You have more privacy and space.

Spending my first two years of college dorming, it is easy to say that sometimes you don't have a lot of privacy or time to your self. You may share a small dorm with one or more people and not have the space you need. You may also want time for yourself, but while living at school it's so easy for someone to come knock on your door or spontaneously invite you somewhere you can't say no to. Going home gives you that break you may need.

4. It helps you practice your time management skills.

It's no secret that commuting for college means you may need to plan ahead more. You need to be a lot more organized too, in order to limit any early morning hassle. While this may be annoying, it's helping you! When you're older, time management is going to become everything - you usually don't dorm at your work. This helps you master these skills and overall will help you mature.

5. Your grades can improve!

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Sometimes, when you're always on campus, you are less motivated to get things done. This may seem ironic, but knowing your bed is a walk away may be tempting. When you commute, you are sometimes forced to stay on campus when you don't need to and may decide to go to the library instead of your nonexistent dorm. You also can leave campus and focus on your work, without having friends living so close that you will want to socialize instead,

There are pros and cons to everything in life. It may add some stress sometimes, and you may experience FOMO, but commuting to college is something that can give you long lasting benefits. Take advantage of the resources your school has to offer, and join clubs or activities. Commuting doesn't mean you can't spend most of your time at school, it just means you have a place to escape to when the sun sets.