Commuter Problems

As a commuter these are some of the struggles I've been through and things I've definitely thought this school year.

1. When you've had a particularly rough week: "Is this really worth it? Like would dropping out actually be that bad?"


Yeah, we've all the been there but we got this ya'll.

2. When you're stuck in traffic and you start feeling sleepy: "Should I just pull over and take a nap?"


3. When you wake up late: *goes back to sleep*


If it's not that important to go to class, I mean honestly just try again next week

4. When you wake up late: " Shoot, shoot, shoot! Ok keys, backpack, bye"


But if it's actually important, like you got a quiz or a midterm, all you can do is just skidaddle once you wake up.

5. When you're really tired throughout the day: "Yeah, I'm taking a nap in my car during my gap today"


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