9 Types Of Students In Your Community College Summer Semester Class
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9 Types Of Students That Are In Your Community College Summer Semester Class, Guaranteed

It takes all kinds.

9 Types Of Students That Are In Your Community College Summer Semester Class, Guaranteed

There's always an interesting variety of fellow classmates but it seems like the small community college classroom summertime semesters bring the different types of students directly to your attention. Being in such a small class can be awesome and annoying all at the same time.

1. The “I go to *insert university here*” transient student. 

The person in your class who is only there for the one class. They go to the bigger “better” school. They’re only there because the class is “easier” and cheaper.

2. The “I didn’t study LOL” student. 

I totally didn’t study. Pray for me guys.

3. The super serious down to business “I’m here for a degree only” student. 

Definitely not here to make friends.

4. The “I’m so confused please help” student. 

There’s always that one person who is confused no matter how much explaining is done. You just can’t help some people.

5. The “Hey, I wasn’t here can you send me the notes” student.

We're here for two months, like, you might want to show up. Once or twice, yeah I'll help you, but... Every. Freakin. Week? I can't pass the class for the two of us.

6. The “do you have the answer to this one? Oh and the rest of the questions on this hand out??” student. 

Um, yeah sure. Just take a picture.

7. The “ I’ve failed this class 3 times so I’ve got to pass it this semester” student. 

I'm no genius but you might want to pick a different major. Oh, and these types of students *always have the answers from the semester before and they offer them as help. Yes, I will use your work considering you've done so well in the past, thank you.

8. The “I made a quizlet I can send it you guys if you want” student. 

You are a rare breed. For you, we are forever grateful.

9. The “I did so bad on that test” student. 

Oh no, what grade did you get? 91? Oh ok. *Cries because you thought your 75 was killing it.

Honestly, we've all been at least one of these types of students if not several in our college career. Enjoy your hot summer days in a classroom full of these folks!

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