Gen Z Is The Communication Generation, And That’s A Good Thing
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Gen Z Is The Communication Generation, And That’s A Good Thing

Growing up on social media and with near continuous internet access, Gen Z is the communication generation. Here's why that's something other generations should appreciate.

Gen Z Is The Communication Generation, And That’s A Good Thing

Generational feuds are so commonplace that they often make great jokes. Millennials became known as the generation that supposedly kills industries and anyone in the Gen Z age range would never dare to part their hair in the middle.

When you put the jokes aside, Gen Z has a lot to offer the world. They've become the communication generation, and that's a good thing. They have much to teach their peers and elders, so take a few notes from the world's rising stars.

They Grew Up With the Internet

Even the last few people born in the millennial generation have some memory of a time without the internet or smartphones. Gen Z had a much different experience. They've always had some version of the internet at their fingertips, which gave them an earlier introduction to communication skills.

Gen Z also knows how to communicate successfully online because they've practiced on so many different platforms.

A recent poll found that 74% of Gen Z individuals spend their free time online, giving them more time to learn how to reach people without relying on things like their tone of voice or body language. It's something they can use to their advantage in personal relationships and the workplace.

They Understand Social Media

The earliest form of social media taking over U.S. culture began when MySpace launched in 2003. The first Gen Z kids were just 6 years old, so the site and others inspired by it were thriving when they became old enough to surf the internet. The youngest generation has used social media ever since, which can benefit the workplace in a few significant ways.

The connectivity of Gen Z can benefit their productivity and communication skills in the workplace, which is important for many businesses. Communication challenges can often be one of the most frustrating parts of working with others, but Gen Z will likely have few problems here.

If they can take advantage of the latest apps that improve their time management or streamline collaboration, Gen Z employees will become an invaluable part of any company.

They Embrace All Forms of Inclusivity

People in the Gen Z generation want to use their in-person and digital communication skills to make a difference. They often do this by utilizing technology, like analyzing statistics with big data tools or watching trends across platforms. After gathering necessary information, their skills also allow them to interpret the results for their team members.

All of this makes the workplace more generationally inclusive for projects and campaigns while also opening doors for new employees.

Whereas an older generation may have missed diverse representation in marketing campaigns or social trends, young people can also recognize missing voices right away. They're used to hearing from and communicating with people from different cultures.

As of early 2021, 76% of Gen Z individuals wanted brands to address representation problems as part of their desire to change the world. They connect generations and diverse populations because their refined communication skills give them a greater understanding of how to connect with people.

Gen Z Is the Communication Generation

Young people are quickly becoming a dominant force in society and workplaces. It's time for people of all ages to work together and recognize their strengths.

Gen Z is the communication generation, and that's a good thing! They'll improve their relationships, modernize marketing campaigns, and connect the world more easily because they know how to reach people where they are by using multiple forms of communication.

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