10 Common Laundry Mistakes College Students Make
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10 Common Laundry Mistakes College Students Make

I'm just a girl standing in front of her laundry simply asking it to fold itself.

10 Common Laundry Mistakes College Students Make

Our grandmothers knew several little tricks and common rules of thumb for washing clothes. Since the invention of the first electric motor washing machine in 1906, the process has become much faster and easier. However, there are still washing mistakes that many of us continue to make, which ends up ruining our favorite clothes.

I have put together a list of typical mistakes when washing clothes that are capable of damaging not only our favorite pieces, as well as our machine. If you find yourself making any of these 10 mistakes and stop it immediately!

1. Do not use a disinfectant for clothing

If any of your family members have an infectious disease, such as the flu, a simple wash may not be enough. You need to use a special product, such as a clothes disinfectant, to prevent the infection from spreading. For white clothes, the alternative is to use a little chlorine. Always remember to carefully follow the instructions on the cleaning bottle.

2. Do not clean the washing machine

Older models of washing machines have cotton filters that must be cleaned after each cycle. We know that life is very busy but at least try to do it once a month. Remove it according to the machine manual and clean it with an old toothbrush and a little detergent. You can also submerge it in hot water for approximately 10 minutes for best results.

New machines may not have this tool. However, they probably have a cleaning cycle that is worth running monthly or as soon as requested by the device itself (yes, some fully automatic washing machines have this technology). Some experts also suggest using cleaning pads or liquid solutions to prevent the machine from descaling. They maintain the smooth running of your machine for years, helping to provide a clean and smelling good wash. Those who have older models of washing machine need to upgrade them by buying the new one or can rent different types of washing machine of their choice, either fully automatic washing machine on rent or semi automatic washing machine on rent which save money as well.

3. Wash with the wrong side out

Calm down, let's explain. After having emptied the pockets of pants, turn them inside out. Well, many forget, but they also need to be washed. In addition, a good tip is to turn delicate items like sweaters or cotton shirts inside out. This will prevent tissue damage .

4. Put too many clothes in the machine

A washing machine can look great and have a lot of space to fill. However, cleaning experts recommend that you give your clothes enough space . Even if the drum is full, you should still be able to put two fists freely. This will allow your clothes to be washed and rinsed properly.

5. Do not separate the socks

After putting on the socks with the rest of the clothes, you may have a hard time finding them. There are zippered laundry bags so they don't get loose - they can also be used to wash delicate clothes, such as bras, etc. If you don't have one, you can use an old, clean pillowcase.

6. Ignore the "dry cleaning" instructions

Sometimes, the instruction "dry clean" on a label essentially means to handle that piece with care. This works for natural fibers, like linen or silk. You can simply wash them by hand. But suede or leather will need special care, which can only be provided by professionals. Otherwise, the item may be damaged.

7. Damage the fabric with bleach

Mix bleach with water well before adding it to clothing and do not overuse it. Otherwise, you can leave holes in your clothes, as this product weakens the fabric. In addition, too much bleach can cause white clothing to turn yellow .

8. Failure to correctly adjust the final spin speed

The final spin speed influences the type of fabric you are washing. The process is measured in revolutions per minute. Cotton clothes can be spun at up to 600 RPM and cotton towels and sheets up to 1400 RPM. But delicate fabrics must be spun at 400 RPM, while jeans can tolerate up to 900 RPM. Exceeding these numbers can damage clothes, make holes and wear fabrics.

9. Wear new clothes without washing them first

New, shiny clothes can fade, but it's impossible to know without first washing them. Therefore, whenever you are washing a piece for the first time, put it in the washing machine along with others of similar colors. This will ensure that you do not have an unpleasant surprise when you finish washing.

10. Don't pay attention to pillowcases

According to experts , bed linen generally does not need to be pre-washed. Just choose a regular program with warm water. But that doesn't always apply to pillowcases. Remember to always check if they have makeup or face cream stains before putting them in the washing machine and, if so, use a stain remover or do a prewash if necessary. This will provide clean, spot-free bedding.

What mistakes did you realize you made after reading this post? Feel free to share more washing tricks in the comments and help other readers of The Odyssey Online to keep your clothes always spotless!

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