If you haven't seen the "Come Over", please click the link. Syd tha Kyd has really outdone herself for directing this video.

1. Millennial Vibes

The video opens with everyone on their phone texting people clearly not at function. Sad but true, my friends and I will hang out and literally text other people about the next move.


2. Rainbow Colors :)

Each Member represents a color of the Pride Flag and the video was release in June, coincidence I think not. Though the Pride flag has six colors and there are only 5 members, they did their best.


3.Sexuality Representation

Like mentioned above each member is representing a color of the flag and has a corresponding room with a person of their sexual preference. Plot twist: Steve Lacy is bisexual and is in his room with is a man but there's a convenient diagram of a vagina on the wall. We peep the symbolism.


4. The Internet are just creative and awesome people!

Literally enough said. They break societal norms. These young talented individuals should be included in everyone's music library. Also, they play actual instruments which is hardly ever seen in mainstream music.


Happy Pride Month! Make sure you check out the video and their new album "Hive Mind"!