Come out and support on April 8th at the spring concert

It is that time of the year again, when the Glee singers are preparing for our spring concert on April 8th. We have been working very hard on all the pieces and we are very excited to show everyone else what we have been working on. As we prepare for the concert, we are also preparing for the Celtics game. We are going to sing at the Celtics game after our spring concert. Personally, i a very excited to show how hard i have been working on those pieces. I am very proud to see how much i have grown. I am very different from when i started my first semester, now i am stronger and better. I learned to be strong and to fight for what i want and what i believe.

I like the person that i have become because i feel like i understand life better, and college for that matter. I am glad that i joined the glee club because i would not be the person and singer that i am today. I am fortunate to be part of somethings so strong and powerful. We would love to see some of our friends there to show that they support us. We would appreciate to see our family there as well so we show them what we are doing and how well we are doing it. We will have different kind of music. We ill have the Glee singers, chambers, Alumni chorus, instrumental ensemble and HANDBELL . I cannot wait to see you guys.

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