You Can Come Home Now

Each morning is a new opportunity,

You can come home now.

Each step away is never too far,

You can come home now.

No matter what you have done or have neglected to do,

You can come home now,

You are welcome here.

"Welcome home," the Voice of Love says.

Come home to where you are safe and sound, where nothing can trap you or bring forth mountains of fear.

You can come home now, you are safe here.

And if you've been away, gone off like the Prodigal Son, you can still come home,

Now is better than ever.

You can come home now,

There are open arms waiting for you.

Arms out wide, we welcome you back in.

Welcome back to you,

The you that was made by the Creator of all things,

The you that has a purpose far beyond anything you could ever dream up, the you that houses the Living, the Divine.

Because guess what?

You were made good,

And you have always been good.

Come back home, let yourself be embraced and loved,

There is nothing too dirty, there is nothing too raw, there is nothing too much or too little,

Just as you are,

You are welcomed home.

You can come home to yourself now, to the you that you were created to be.

Rest in the arms of love,

These arms never fail, they are always holding you.

You can come home to yourself now, you can come home to love.

Thanks be to God.

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