6 Columbus Summer Festivals You Still Have Time To Go To
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6 Columbus Summer Festivals You Still Have Time To Go To

Don’t let this summer slip by without discovering some of Central Ohio’s favorite summertime festivals.

6 Columbus Summer Festivals You Still Have Time To Go To
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Festival season is in full swing here in Columbus. While it’s already July, there is still plenty of time to visit some of Central Ohio’s favorite summertime festivals. Looking for something to do? Check out the festivals listed below:

Ohio State Fair

Even if the fair isn’t really your scene, the Ohio State Fair is a unique experience that all central Ohioans should experience at least once! The multitude of activities, shows, and dining can turn your weekend into a full-blown experience. You have multiple entertainment stages, attractions, free live music, rides, education, food finds, and shopping to choose from. A quirky tradition to discover: a full-size sculpture of a cow made from butter, aka The Butter Cow.

  • When: July 26-August 6
  • Where: The Ohio State Fairgrounds (717 E. 17th Ave.)
  • How Much: Adults- $10, Seniors- $8, Children- $8, and Children under 5- FREE
  • Website: http://ohiostatefair.com/

Jazz and Rib Fest

Once again, the Jazz and Rib Fest with be making its annual début this July. With the new location at The Scioto Mile, the sizzling sounds of jazz and ribs will be even bigger and better this year! Three stages will host international and local musicians who are ready to serenade you while you enjoy some savory barbecue.

Dublin Irish Festival

Everyone can be Irish for the weekend at the Dublin Irish Festival! This festival doesn’t just scratch the surface of Irish culture, but delves you into what being Irish is all about. Guests can experience Celtic culture through sports, songs, dance, and even dogs! Marketplaces are available for guests to shop, as well as beverage tastings and food vendors. This is an event you don’t want to miss this summer.

  • When: August 4-6
  • Where: Coffman Park (5600 Post Road, Dublin)
  • How Much: One Day Pricing - $10 until Aug. 3 and $15 after Aug. 3, 3-Day Pricing - $25 (online only), and Group - $7/person with a group of 30 or more people (online only)
  • Website: http://dublinirishfestival.org/

Columbus Food Truck Festival

Ready for a delectable blend of the best food trucks and live music? Then you’re in for a treat attending The Columbus Food Truck Festival, aka the Midwest’s largest food truck festival! This weekend event hosts over 50 of the best food trucks from Ohio and the surrounding area. Enjoy your foodie finds while listening to live music offered on one of the two stages along with some family fun for all ages.

Greek Festival

Immerse yourself into the culture and ancestry of Greece this summer at the 44th Annual Greek Festival. This festival offers something for everyone, including: Greek song and dance, Cathedral tours, unique merchandise for sale, and sampling of traditional food and drink. Live Greek this Labor Day weekend!

  • When: September 1-4
  • Where: The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral (Goodale Blvd. at High Street)
  • How much: Adults - $5, Senior Citizens - $4, and Kids 12 and under - FREE
  • Website: https://www.columbusgreekfestival.com/

Upper Arlington Arts Festival

Join your neighbors and friends in Upper Arlington for the City’s signature event, the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival. With an anticipated crowd of over 25,000 for the weekend, this festival is sure to deliver some amazing art and entertainment! This is a family-oriented event showcasing works from a variety of artists in an assortment of medias, entertainment with local performers all day, arts and craft activities for your little ones, and a variety of food and drink booths.

  • When: September 4
  • Where: Northam Park
  • How much: FREE
  • Website: http://www.uaoh.net/department/index.php?structure...
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