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If Colton's Virginity Is All They Can Focus On, I'm Boycotting This Season Of 'The Bachelor'

A person's values are not something to be teased or used as a plot device to gain more views.


On Becca's season of "The Bachelorette," Colton revealed to her that he was a virgin. And ever since Becca's season of "The Bachelorette," fans have been expressing their shock about this revelation.

Comments were made that I felt were extremely insulting 1. To Colton who was clearly nervous about revealing this not only to Becca but also to America and 2. Any other person who also has chosen to remain a virgin.

Colton admitted that he had chosen to remain a virgin because he did not want to sleep with anyone he was not in love with. I for one find this to be admirable as he maintains strong values in light of the pressure of society today that says we can and should sleep with whoever we want, whenever we want. I appreciate a guy who is willing to wait. I appreciate a man who considers virginity something to be valued and does not give it away at the slightest temptation. I think it is honorable and demonstrates a strength of character.

Unfortunately, "The Bachelorette" did not showcase it in this way. I was very upset to see how they used his virginity as a plot device and even suggested through their edits and comments that there was something wrong with Colton because he hadn't slept with anyone yet.

Colton's virginity is NOT a mark of inferiority.

This season, every single commercial I have seen advertising Colton as the new Bachelor has focused nearly primarily on his virginity. All the women seem to comment on it as they get out of the limo to meet him. He has conversations about it nearly all the time and how it could affect his relationships with the women there.

Colton's virginity is NOT his defining characteristic. He is so much more of a person than that and if his virginity is all you can focus on, then you should go home because you don't deserve him.

I hate that "The Bachelor" is essentially using Colton's virginity as a plot device. Why else is it focused on so strongly in all the promos? Would Colton have been chosen as Bachelor if he wasn't a virgin? Let's be honest, probably not. It makes good TV. It makes people want to watch.

"What's going to happen in the Fantasy Suites? Will Colton lose his virginity?" How much do you want to bet that they will be saying this exact thing in the previews for future shows every week?

And if they do say that, how much pressure do you think the show executives and ALL OF AMERICA were putting on Colton to sleep with the women of the show?

How unfair. How selfish. If "The Bachelor" is going to pressure a man to sleep with women to make good TV then I'm not going to be here for it. I think that is disgusting and insulting for anyone who has worked hard to uphold their virginity for the man or woman they love. It teaches that virginity is wrong and sex as something that can be manipulated and pressured into. Shame on you "Bachelor" for using Colton to get views.

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