colton's virginity on the bachelorette

'The Bachelorette' Labeled Virgins As Inferior On National Television, And I'm NOT Here For It

I don't know about you, but I appreciate a guy who is willing to wait.


On July 9th's episode of "The Bachelorette," Colton let the bombshell drop and told Becca that he is a virgin.

There had been much anticipation for this reveal since they had been showing previews of Colton's confession since one of the first episodes of the season.

The entire situation was extremely built up as some horrible announcement that would dramatically alter their relationship and possibly cause Becca to want to send Colton home. Before telling Becca, Colton had talked to the other men about his decision to have this conversation with her.

They all agreed that this would be a major thing to discuss, which I don't disagree with, but several men also made comments about how they couldn't believe that Colton was still a virgin and that they wouldn't want to consider marriage with a woman if they had not already slept together.

Colton decided to talk to Becca about his virginity during their one-on-one date together. He was clearly very nervous. After telling her he was a virgin, "The Bachelorette" shows Becca saying "really?" and then walking away because she needed a few minutes to think about things, leaving Colton alone at the table.

When I first watched this episode I was extremely upset and annoyed with Becca. As a Christian woman, why would this be such a dramatic reveal to her that she felt the need to walk away to consider the situation and her relationship with Colton? Why is his virginity seen as such a bad thing?

When Becca "returned" to the table, Colton begins telling her more about his decision and the reasons why he is still a virgin. It was worded almost as if he were defending himself and his character as to why he has not had sex yet, making it appear as if Becca will think there is something wrong with him because he is not as "experienced."

The show definitely amped up the drama, making Colton's virginity appear to be a huge stumbling block for his relationship with Becca and something that she would seriously have to consider before keeping him around for another week.

In later interviews, Becca reveals that the editors for "The Bachelorette" changed this scene so that it appears as if she walked away when Colton told her he was a virgin, when this is actually not what happened. On her Twitter page, Becca says, "For the record, I think I got up just to go to the bathroom, soooooooo."

The editors who chose to make these changes were clearly just out to make more drama for the season, but I think it is terrible to do so at the cost of making virginity out to be something bad. In an interview with People, Becca says, "To me, virginity is a meaningful thing, and I respect him for holding that so sacred."

Good for you Colton for waiting for sex, even if "The Bachelorette" won't say so. In my opinion, this makes him even more of an attractive partner for having stronger values.

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