Actually, I Love What Colton And Cassie Are Doing And Here's Why
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Actually, I Love What Colton And Cassie Are Doing And Here's Why

Spoilers ahead.

Actually, I Love What Colton And Cassie Are Doing And Here's Why

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "The Bachelor" season 14.

A rare sight for the fanbase "Bachelor Nation" is when they don't get the anticipated proposal at the end of their beloved Bachelor/Bachelorette's journey. And for this member of "Bachelor Nation," I was pretty OK with it.

That kind of "ending" can be stressful to think about for a lot of the ladies going for the bachelor's heart. Everyone is on the look for love but a lot don't believe that that hunt for love necessarily has to end in a lifelong commitment.

During Colton's journey, it was already hard for me to see him get engaged at the end of everything. There are so many moments from this season that I can highlight being incredible headaches of drama with half of the ladies that I just gave up for Colton once Elyse made her own exit from the competition in week 4.

Fast forward to the emotional "breakup" with Cassie and infamous fence jump and we suddenly have a love-story worth watching. We had seen a different side of Colton once Cassie tried to make her exit and he did what every girl dreams of: he goes after her and doesn't take no as an answer.

Personally, I really don't think even the producers can make this up and if they did, it'll be as if they are authors of their own Young Adult romance novel.

Colton and Cassie open up about their journey to love YouTube

Usually, when watching the season finale, it tends to be a little uncomfortable to watch "The Bachelor"/"Bachelorette" with their chosen ones. I never usually see a spark or them actually in love; never am I convinced to say the least. This indeed was a regular happy ending that doesn't have or didn't need to include a proposal after a month and a half long competition and if you think about it, there is only one of the twenty or so Bachelors that are still with the ones they chose.

The whole point of a relationship is the journey of getting to know each other outside of their favorite color or their favorite food. And trust me, it isn't going to take a whole month to get there especially with 29 more women wanting to know the exact same. As Cassie states in their Good Morning America interview, "I went into it open and ready... until you're there, you don't realize how little time you get."

Watching Colton and Cassie on the finale, seeing their Instagram stories and all their post interviews, you can tell that this one will last (knock on wood) with the amount of time they've both had to focus on the relationship and growing together without the stress of a ring on her finger.

With the pair taking their time with the relationship just shows how serious they are. Cassie's stress when breaking up with Colton was all the voices in her head about the proposal and how maybe she wasn't ready on top of her father not giving Colton his blessing. Now that Colton has shown her that the proposal is something that can wait and it's just all about the love, it took away the moral of The Bachelor franchise and rewrote his own rules but in the best possible way and I just hope it continues to work in their favor.

Colton, being an all-around one-man show, changed the game of "The Bachelor." It shows that he was going to do things his way regardless of what Chris Harrison or the producers had to say and that really shows that it was a normal kind of ending. Something a lot of people can relate to. Once you have found the one you feel destined to be with, why go for anyone else for the sake of making behind the scenes people happy.

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