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Why No State Can Ever Compare

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As I near the one month mark of my freshman year of college in Southern California, I have loved the warm weather, the sun, and my new found athletic ability thanks to the altitude drop. Yet no matter how many pros I can find to California living, it will never compare to the incredible Mile High State. Why may you ask? Well in Colorado…

  1. Mountain Water Practically Comes out of the Tap: As a kid, I never understood why people chose to wait for water out of the filter or fridge when the tap water tasted just as good if not better. Being outside of the state has made me realize why Brita is such a profitable company, and continually wonder if the weird taste when I brush my teeth is my new toothpaste or the tap water.
  1. When You Travel You Can Run Five-ever: The thin air at mile high results in an increased number of red blood cells in Colorado-ians. So when you drop down to sea level you can fake being an uber athlete and run your mile in half the time!
  1. Everyone Smiles at You: Everyone in Colorado smiles and waves at you, whether you know them or not. Yet for some reason I can not comprehend, people anywhere else don't smile. It doesn't matter if you smile first, they will simply stare into your soul as you walk past, making you reconsider ever decision you have ever made.
  1. The Humidity (or lack there of): Growing up a mile high and dry, coming to California was a huge humidity shock. The thick air resulted in two things: Break outs and being made fun of for claiming it’s humid outside.
  1. The Mountains: The mountains are arguably the best part of the state. Wether you want to hike, nap in a hammock, raft, or make friends with a marmot, they have it all. Not only are they there to fill whatever outdoor activity ‘hangs your hammock’, but with the mountains in sight you can always figure out what direction you're headed, no compass needed.

  1. Four Seasons: No, not the hotel chain, although we do have them here too. Nothing is prettier than the Colorado sunshine on Colorado grass, except for maybe when all the aspens turn, and you can't forget about the snowfall. Plus, they have great timing. As soon as you're sick of snow, in comes the spring rains to wash it all away, and so on.
  1. The Real Sunshine State: There are only 30-40 ‘overcast’ days in the Denver area, meaning there is sun shining down on the golden dome of the capital 300 out of the 365 days in a year. Florida averages around the 250 mark. So when you're lacking Vitamin C, you know where to go.
  1. 420: Because everyone automatically assumings you're really cool and hard core if you live in a state that has legalized grass.
  1. The Grass: Speaking of Grass, the grass in Colorado is known as Kentucky Bluegrass. It is thin, grows tall, and is soft (albeit still itchy to those with allergies) to lay next to your dog in. California grass, also called Bermuda, is water saving, but with advantages come disadvantages. It's even itchier, not at all comfy to lay on, and for some reason grows out rather than up.
  1. Red Rocks: No matter what part of the state you are from, almost everyone has at least heard of if not seen a show at the iconic venue. The visual as well as acoustic effects of the rocks on the music completely change the way you see a show and make Red Rocks arguably one of the best outdoor venues in the country. And you get a leg workout climbing those stairs. So Win-Win!
  1. 5280: Because we all live a mile high, so a lot of people are already members of the mile high club.
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