12 Things Every College Girl Needs In Her College Wardrobe, No Matter What Anybody Says
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12 Things Every College Girl Needs In Her College Wardrobe, No Matter What Anybody Says

5. A robe.

College Women's Attire

Can't think of what to pack for college? I've got you. This is all the information I have gathered from asking people who have gone to college and watching YouTube videos. Don't forget about these things...

1. A good pair of leggings.

Align Pant pictured above.

Lululemon on Instagram

I know you love how much money you save on your Forever 21 leggings but girl... You haven't experienced the wonders of leggings until you've invested into Lululemon leggings. 1. You're not exposing your butt to the whole world 2. You're making a good investment 3. They are so comfy. My first pair of Lulu's have been going on their third year and they are still in great shape. Trust me, you're not going to dress up as much as you think.

2. Rain and snow boots.


I was the girl in high school who always thought the rain boots and snow boots were ugly but, now I am realizing I am going to have to get a pair so now I have to like them. I am not happy about it but, walking in the rain and snow with cold soggy feet is not fun. One I would consider getting for myself would be the Joules 'Evedon' Rainboot.

3. Presentation outfits.

New York & Company's Instagram

This one is major because at some point, you're going to have to present whether you like it or not. I recommend a pair of black slacks, a blouse and having a back up dress. For the shoes, I recommend going with flats since you will have to walk around campus but, if you just can't wait to show off your new heels then wear your flats to class and change. Wear something you can comfortably stand and walk around in for the amount of time you'll be up there. A good place to get professional clothes is New York & Company.

4. Decent pairs of pajamas.


I know sleeping naked or in an oversized t-shirt is like the best feeling ever but, at some point, you're going to have guests in the room. Whether it is your roommate's boyfriend, your friend, etc, you need to have some comfy pajamas that can be your go-to for when this happens. No one wants to have to sneak around because you're not wearing something appropriate for the guests. I just recently bought this really cute affordable set from Forever 21.

5. A robe.


Whether it's a silky cute robe from Victoria's secret or your big fluffy robe from Kohls, this is a must. You can throw this on when it's extra chilly in your room or after you take a shower. Don't forget this one, you'll regret it if you do.

6. Only a couple of pairs of shoes.


You don't need to bring every pair of shoes you own, just the essentials. Comfy sandals/ flip flops, walking around campus shoes, presenting shoes, going out shoes. Plus, only bringing a couple of pairs saves room in your tiny dorm.

7. A nice winter coat.


If your college is in a place where it snows, you'll need to bundle up. This may seem obvious but I know some of you still think "I'm fine" and go out in just a crew neck. No, you're not fine. There's nothing worse than being sick and then having to go to school or work. Bundle up, no one is going to judge you.

8. Your nice rain jacket + umbrella.


Because there is nothing fun about walking to class in the rain and having to sit through your lecture drenched.

9. Alex and Ani Bracelets.

Alex and Ani on Instagram

I know you have them and I know you love them...so don't forget them. I have them in gold and silver so I can switch it up with my outfits.

10. A scent that will bring back memories.


I highly recommend buying a nice new perfume for your stay at college. The hope is that you attach that scent to college and it brings back all of the memories whenever you smell it again. I recently received the Tiffany Eau de Parfum Spray from my boyfriend on my birthday and it smells so good, I am excited.

11. The dreaded workout clothes.


If you don't enjoy working out like I do, this one is the struggle. I recommend getting cute workout clothes that make you excited to go to the gym. That will be my trick this year!

12. Comfy clothes.


If you forgot about this one then you're doing college wrong. This is the go to outfit all of the time. Stock up on those sweatpants and campus hoodies folks!

College is around the corner and I am so excited to see the fashion everyone will be wearing whether it's dressing up or down. Can't wait!

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