Welcome home! You've waited all semester for this. You're ready to decompress, see your friends, and cuddle your dog until they leave you for your sister. Here's what every college kid's winter break looks like:

1. Sleep

You’ve been stressing all semester, and you’re finally crashing. It could be one, two, or even four naps per day. You’re catching up on some well-deserved beauty sleep.

2. Eat, out of boredom

You’ve got too much time on your hands, and sometimes your mom is all-too-willing to whip up your favorite dishes. Come on, how could you say no to those cookies?!

3. Try to work out for the first few days

You figure, “Oh, I’ve got so much free time, I’m going to hit the gym every day!” But do you? This will probably wear off after the first week. That Christmas roast is looking too good, and the gym isn’t looking as good the day after.

4. Look your best with nowhere to go

Maybe you’ll learn to curl your hair, or try out a new makeup look - you know, just in case Prince Charming comes rolling through the neighborhood.

5. Look for any excuse to find adventure

Sooner or later, the boredom will get the best of you.

6. Visit their favorite hometown hangouts

You’ve been waiting to go to these places for months, and now it’s time to run home.

7. Cuddle their pet until the pet can’t stand them anymore

Your dog has had enough. It was cute the first three days, no they’d like some space, please.

8. Watch endless hours of Netflix

Need I say more?

9. ...And finish a series or two

I’ve already finished two.

10. Bumble & Tinder swipe to your heart’s content

Because maybe the hometown hotties are single and ready to mingle now.

Don’t worry, you've got plenty of December left. Enjoy your solitude, your delicious food and your freedom. Come January, you’ll be wishing you had it all back.