9 Ways Harry Potter Represents The Last Few Weeks Of A Semester

9 Ways Harry Potter Represents The Last Few Weeks Of A Semester

Even the boy who lived had some tough days.

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1. There are all kinds of assignments.

In April it feels like the professors all conspired and decided to give LITERALLY every assignment in the last month. Every college student is losing their minds at this point.

2. Sickness is at an all time high.

Literally these last couple of weeks I feel like I was hit by a train. The stress and lack of sleep hits many college students in an unfortunate way at this point. Many of us are sick and feel like we are dying.

3. Patience is extremely thin.

If college students are quickly losing their tempers with you lately, don't take it to heart. Around this time we all just have very low patience. As a result, we get angry quicker and may be a little more aggressive in our words/actions.

4. Everyone is losing focus.

I literally feel like I have two brain cells left. My brain is fried. However, we are still fighting to make ourselves stay focused and finish strong.

5. Feelings of being a college drop out.

If you are a college student and you have not had this feeling yet, please tell me your secrets? I have had so much apathy towards college this past month. I have thought C's get degrees and would it really hurt if I dropped out? I mean I know and everyone else knows I'm not going to, but it still crosses my mind.. frequently.

6. Realizing finals week is approaching.

Finals week is coming.. fast. If you're like me, you are not prepared. Also, should probably get to studying! But we all know that me being me will wait until the last minute. (Don't be like me)

7. What finals week feels like.

Finals week is the week of mostly death and destruction to your well-being and for some people GPA. It is stressful. We all are just calculating our grades to see that hopefully we only need a low/average score on our finals to keep our grades. Whether it be tears of misery or tears of relief, there is an intense amount of crying this week.

8. Saying goodbye to all of your friends.

As much as I want to go home, I really will miss all my friends I have made this year. I know I will see them next semester, but I am going to miss seeing them on a daily basis or even every day. Especially because I might not seem some of them at all this summer.

9. Finally going home.

Finally we all get to go home. Now we can take a load off of our shoulders and enjoy our families for the summer. Which will hopefully recharge us for next semester!

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