Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert are often seen as the faces of "The Office." While we love their hilarious personalities, their stardom takes some of the well-deserved light away from one of the show's most underrated characters, Gabe Lewis.

Though Gabe is literally one of the strangest and least relatable humans on television, he truly can demonstrate what Thanksgiving is like as a college student.

1. When any commercial comes on that interrupts the National Dog Show

2. When your family begins quizzing you about your love life

3. When your mom tells you to go greet your least favorite family member at the door

4. When your favorite cousin walks in the door

5. When the only Black Friday doorbuster you were looking forward to is sold out before Thanksgiving dinner even starts and you realize society no longer cares about Thanksgiving

6. When someone says that the food is ready

7. When someone asks is any job prospects are on the horizon

8. When somebody makes a comment about your 5th plate of food

9. When you're scooping up the last of the Mac N Cheese and someone comes up behind you

10. When you're trying to take your Thanksgiving nap and people keep trying to speak to you

11. When your opposite-political-party family members begin talking politics

12. When you have one specific thing you'd like to talk about and it doesn't come up in conversation

13. When people begin talking about leaving but nobody actually moves toward the door