Social Media has been increasing with different platforms offering new ways to share memories. With the top media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, it is evident that majority of the individuals in the world have at least one account with one of these platforms. Facebook has just fewer than 2 billion users. Instagram is following with 600 million users. Then Twitter with 317 million and Snapchat coming at 160 million users.

The advancement of social media is marvelous. It is constantly updating and within a blink in the eye you maybe stuck on old news. Everything on the Internet is trending, in regard to how the world works. An individual can use social media to communicate with family and friends in different areas of the world to promote one self or business.

Being a user myself, I am one of those that do not feel dependent on social media for my life to flow smoothly. Unlike others that use these programs to express falsehoods with the numerous amounts of filters provided. I tend to focus on getting updates and breaking news within the mainstream media as well as sports. Twitter, I find is the most useful because you can receive news in seconds rather than wait for the reporter to gather information and all the research and broadcast it on the 6 o’clock news.

There are many advantages of this, but on the other hand, many use the social media sites for an advantage to incline oneself and others tend to lean on social obsession. With obsession I mean focusing on how many likes a picture or post receives, to getting caught up on the latest gossip within a community.

Spending a vast amount of time on Facebook or Instagram may be a sign of an obsession. Refreshing the feed multiple times within an hour is a bit much. As a twenty year old I know this feeling. Without realizing you have opened and closed Facebook numerous times while refreshing hoping for new content. The tendency of this usually arrives before or during an assignment.

As a college student, procrastination is in our blood. No matter the amount of time a professor may issue an assignment it usually gets acknowledged days before the due date. So as we begin to conclude the assignment we are completing we end up wondering off to our phones numerous times within one sitting.

This can be seen as an addiction because our generation has been brought up knowing the technology we live with. Now looking at the fact that everyone has a smartphone these days it is easy to say looking at our phone during the day is just a sign of an obsession hoping for a notification.

Next time you are doing homework or completing a task try to mark down how many times you look or pickup your phone in one sitting. You may be surprised!!