'New Girl' Characters As Types Of College Students
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'New Girl' Characters As Types Of College Students

We know Schmidt and Nick met in college... but what would the 'New Girl' crew be like in college today?

'New Girl' Characters As Types Of College Students

Of these six beloved characters, who would you want to be on campus?

1. Jess: The Overly Enthusiastic Tour Guide

new girl dancing GIFGiphy

This one was is a given- who could argue that Jessica Day is one of the MOST positive people on the planet? She would definitely be riddled with knowledge regarding her school's history and traditions. Using her musical talents, Jess would most likely compose a song to sing on her tours- incorporating the campus squirrels and perhaps a mini dance break.

2. Nick: The Student Who Keeps Changing Their Major

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English? Political Science? Business? He wouldn't be able to decide! Much like his character on New Girl, Nick has a wild imagination and can't decide what path he wants to go down. Between writing a zombie novel and working his on-campus job, Nick can't even think about what he wants to do in the future.

3. Cece: The Student Influencer


Cece would definitely be the student whose Instagram is always filled with sponsorships and collaborations with brands. Not only would she always have the best brand deals, but she is the one who would know everything about everyone on campus. She is approachable and full of charisma, and everyone wants to be her friend.

4. Winston: The One In Every Student Organization

happy lamorne morris GIF by New GirlGiphy

Winston loves being inspired and has so many interests. Like his character in "New Girl", Winston has a background filled with a diverse array of student organizations and activities. From the Cat Appreciation Club (for his cat Furguson, of course), to the on-campus radio station, Winston's resume is filled to the brim with on-campus involvement.

5. Schmidt: The Fraternity Brother With a 4.0 GPA

new girl what GIFGiphy

While on the surface he would seem like a party boy, Schmidt is actually incredibly studious and driven. Unlike his peers in business school, Schmidt wants to be the best and will go to any lengths to achieve his goals. Always quick with a joke or pick-up line, he may seem arrogant at first, but there is something below the surface that is filled with drive and determination.

6. Coach: The Student You Never See After Syllabus Day

new girl no GIF by Fox TVGiphy

There you are, ready for your first class of the semester, and you feel a tap on your shoulder. It's Coach! He needs a pencil to take notes for syllabus day. After giving him one, you both start to chat and really hit it off. After class ends you part ways and you're excited to see him next class. However, you end up never seeing him again. Odd.

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