Oh, how I will always long to be

in your warm, loving embrace,

sheltered from the cares and worries of this world,

held safe beneath your warm weight.

Days, spent away from you, are so long,

so long, so weary.

In your sweet folds I find my shelter,

your comfort is what sustains me.

Oh, how I love thee,

my truest friend, my nightly companion.

Through the journeys of dreams,

you carry me ever so sweetly.

In your soft touch, I find my rest,

Such sweet sustaining rest.

Faithful, you guard my dreams,

carrying me through the night.

Always there in the lonely dark,

you make it hard to leave your embrace

and in the early, cold, unfeeling mornings,

how can I pull myself away?

No, I shall not leave you,

my dearest of friends.

This is my vow to you,

to your embrace I will be faithful.

Forget the world and all its expectations,

I shall shirk all my responsibilities

And remain forever with you

My warm, safe bed.