10 Things To Do On A College Snow Day
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10 Things To Do On A College Snow Day

Snow Day, Best Day.

10 Things To Do On A College Snow Day

The feeling you get when you open an email from school saying "all classes for the day have been canceled due to the weather" is unlike any other. Happiness? No, 'euphoria' is more like it. Snow Days are rare, but magical experiences. They don't come often enough, which is why you must do all you can to take advantage of the unexpected time off from classes! The possibilities are nearly endless.

1. Watch Netflix

Well, this one is a given. All of this extra time and nothing to do? What a perfect opportunity to binge your favorite series or even start a brand new one you've been meaning to get around to. I've personally been into That 70's Show recently, and it's one of my favorites.

2. Catch Up On School Work

You knew this one was going to be an option. It's probably what you planned to do during your snow day, but gave up trying to do after a few minutes. I definitely recommend sticking with it, though! If you're behind in any of your classes an extra day to catch up without missing anything is a blessing from above- don't waste the opportunity to get back on track or even ahead!

3. Go Sledding

Sledding is not just for children anymore, or if it is, then just call me a child. No worries if you didn't bring your sled to college with you, dining hall trays have been proven to work just fine.

4. Make Food

Something you don't get much time to do anymore while at school is cook, so why not whip out your college dormitory's pans and utensils to make some cookies or mac and cheese? Living off campus for this part definitely helps, but the stuff in the dorm kitchens works for all of the easy stuff. Your school may also sell cookie mixes and other ingredients in a store on campus, so look out for that!

5. Order In

Too lazy to cook? I understand. It's also freezing cold out, so why bother trekking to the dining hall when plenty of places around campus will still deliver! Chinese food is a popular option, but you can never go wrong with a pizza, either.

6. Self Care

The extra free time you have will be perfect to treat yourself to some pampering that you would usually be too busy for. Face masks, painting your nails, taking that extra long shower- anything that will make you feel good or get rid of those bags under your eyes.

7. Make a Snow Man/ Fort

Is making a snowman also for children? I don't care at this point. Make you and your friends a fort or igloo, or even a snow mascot. Some people can make some crazy creations out of snow.

8. Clean

This one's not as fun, but you'll thank yourself for it later. Have you noticed that you've gotten behind on making your bed or keeping your floor clean? A snow day is a perfect opportunity to tidy up a bit where you've been slacking. Future you and your roommate will appreciate it.

9. Reconnect With People

Think of who you haven't spoken to in a while. Your parents? Some friends from home? Reach out to them! You're stuck inside with the same people you see every day, so you may as well take the time to reconnect with people who might be missing you.

10. Movies

This is a snow day classic, but go see a movie! If you can get there safely, there's nothing better than relaxing in a warm movie theatre with some popcorn and some of your friends. There's almost no time do this normally at school, so do it while you can!

Snow days don't have to be unproductive or boring! Don't waste the one snow day you'll probably get not having any fun. Sleep in, make the most of your day, and try to forget that school starts again tomorrow.

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