3 Tricks To Sleep Better In College
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3 Easy Ways To Get Your Sleep Schedule Back On Track When Schoolwork Brings You Down

Show college induced insomnia who's boss with one of these tips.

3 Easy Ways To Get Your Sleep Schedule Back On Track When Schoolwork Brings You Down

With 8 a.m.'s, college football bringing out your inner-cheerleader, finding the perfect way to study for that one ridiculously hard class, running in the heat so you can sign the attendance sheet before the professor puts it away, and, of course, spending a ton of time with your friends, quality sleep at the right time and for an adequate amount of time just hasn't been happening.

It starts with the lack of sleep and ends with your grades plummeting to a point of no return.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather keep reading than risk it and end up getting a letter saying I'm on academic probation.

That will definitely be a NO from me!

Here are a few quick ways to be productive, while tiring yourself out, at the same time:

1. Sniff And Study

Photo by Jonathan Sun on Flickr

Aromatherapy is growing in popularity and definitely worth looking into! I know, I know...you're probably thinking a diffusor equals money and lots of it, but, in actuality, it's getting easier and cheaper to get a diffuser in your possession. They are now being sold in local grocery stores, as well as, being available online at a bunch of different sites. They come in many sizes, the smaller, the more affordable, of course. Also, thanks to the DIY world, there are now tons of fun ways to make your own aroma buddy, at home!

Okay, you have the diffuser. Now for the oil.

There are a variety of scents made for, just about, every action and emotion one can think of. From healing (available for the physical body, as a way to bring clarity to the mind or to kick the flu out the door) to an energy boost (ditch the coffee and try smelling yourself awake for your next class), essential oils have you covered. To help with tossing and turning all through the night, look up essential oils for sleep and ones that keep you calm. You'll be shocked by what you find and how well they work.

Now, we add water.

Put in a few drops of one bomb oil, or mix and create your own special scent that covers everything you're looking for. Close up your entry zone for the diffuser and turn that baby on!

It's not the best idea to basically snort the stuff and hope for automatic results. Instead, place the diffuser by your bed, grab a textbook and some highlighters, and do some light studying as the aroma fills your body. Don't do anything too vigorous, just a little refresher course and, once you start to feel your heart rate drop, pack up your things and sink into your bed. Nature and the natural functions of the human body can take it from there.

2. You Mean STUDY Study... ?

Photo by Min An on Pexels

Stay with me, now. Hear me out.

Let's be honest, studying can easily put someone to sleep. This usually happens when pulling an all-night cram session, or in the back of a lecture hall (might want to plead the fifth on that one).

If schoolwork can put you to sleep in those situations, why can't it do the same for this predicament?

A few tweaks will have to be done, to ensure sleep is the endpoint.

This is NOT the time to go all out for a mid-term or exam. Rather, this is the perfect moment to reread the chapters assigned in last week's class, or highlight key phrases to talk about with your presentation partner.

The key for this to work is to not work yourself up and keep that heart rate down.

While doing your light studying, practice a few breathing techniques, every other paragraph.

It's best to choose the hardest course when choosing this technique. Your restless body will be irritable when it comes to the material and easily distracted. This will allow your eyes to get heavy and your mind to crave sleep. Anything to get away from that class.

You'll want to do this one in bed, as well. That way, when your body starts trying to drift from the subject, the next closest thing is your pillow.

Remember to keep it light, so the materials can easily be put to the side without having to get out of bed and risk getting that heart rate back up.

3. Mooooood Music

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

Thank YouTube for this one.

From ocean waves to sounds of nature, from soothing voices to beautiful melodies, there are tons of playlists made for our end goal: sleep. They come in many different forms, which allows you to play around a bit and figure out which style works best for you. OH! They also come prepared to keep you asleep with one video being anywhere between thirty seconds to twenty hours long! Talk about looking out!

The tricky part about this one is the cell phone.

It's the best option to play the videos from because it is compact and the light from the screen can easily be avoided by turning it over, but the urge to use it will be a hard fight, for some.


You don't want the music too loud, so pick a playlist, put the phone on do not disturb (airplane mode, even), and place it a good distance from your bed. You shouldn't be able to reach it from under your covers and the music should be at the perfect volume so that you can hear it to help you fall asleep, but it won't keep your mind wandering and interrupt your dreams. We want a full R.E.M. cycle, folks.

If all else fails, Grandma has never steered me wrong with some tea and honey.

Remember, heart rate down, breathing deep, mind at ease and, soon, you'll be asleep.

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