From The College Senior Who Is No Where Near Ready To Settle Down

From The College Senior Who Is No Where Near Ready To Settle Down

I have never been one to go out and party or a big drinker, but that doesn't mean I want to settle down.

I read Sydney Lind Moore's "From The Girl Ready To Settle Down At 20," and I just have one question: you want to settle down because you would rather stay in than go out?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to settle down young and be with the person you love. That is a great life if you found the one that you want to be with forever, but you should have a better reason to settle down than that.

There is nothing wrong with wanting time to yourself whether that means going out partying and drinking or just sitting at home with a book.

I am a 22 year-old college senior that is so far away from wanting to settle down that the thought scares me. I have never been a party-er, I'm not much of a drinker, and I like to lay in bed more than anything else, but that doesn't mean that I want to settle down. I lived at home for 18 years and I have been in college for the last four, and even I haven't lived it up. I have never been on my own. I have no idea what it's like to not be in school or not to depend on someone.

It's scary to think that in just a few short months I will be on my own, my family will mentally support me, but it will be me that I have to depend on. As scary as that sounds, I could not be more excited. I can't wait to have a real job and to live in the apartment that I pay for myself. I could not be more excited to have this completely independent life. Moore is 20 and I am only two years older than her, so it's not like I'm super wise or anything, but I do know that I am a completely different person now than I was when I was 20. I had completely different dreams and wants, and in just two quick years I had a whole new plan. Moore based her reasoning on wanting to settle down by saying she doesn't like to go to parties and that she likes to go to bed at 9pm, but I am the same way, and I could not be further from wanting to settle down.

I want to experience places, people, things that I have never even thought of before. And you can do all this with your husband/wife obviously, but wouldn't it also be fun to do it on your own? To say that you did that. I think that's pretty grown up too, Moore. Growing up doesn't mean settling down.

Everyone is different, and there is nothing wrong with settling down, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to experience life alone before settling down. Don't think that because you like to hang out at home more than go out and get drunk that the solution is to settle down. There are better reasons to want to settle down, and it doesn't make you any less mature to want to be single.

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9 Things All Mexican Food Addicts Know All Too Well

Don't come between me and my Mexican food.

In the city I grew up in, there is a Mexican restaurant just about every five miles. They are the after school hangouts and first date go-to's for most of the kids here, especially the high school girls.

I know the servers at my favorite one know my order almost every time I go in there (at least once a week). However, a lot of people apparently get tired of eating Mexican food about twice a week... but I sure don't. If you are a Mexican food addict like me, I am sure you know at least a few of these yourself.

1. Cheese dip tastes like heaven and you have to have it.

That amazing creamy white cheese dip put on a perfectly salted chip is enough to make your day better. Forget the actual food---we'd be content living off of cheese dip and chips for the rest of our lives. Our restaurant trip is not complete without an order of it and if you are lucky enough to get your favorite waiter, maybe even get a large bowl for the night.

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2. You never have to look at the menu.

We know when we decide to go what we are having and it is probably the exact same plate we order each time. I am sure the servers laugh after I order some days because there is only three things I rotate between. My burrito is always my go-to, unless I am feeling fancy.

3. Some of the servers know who you are when you walk in the door.

Either by first name or by order they know us. You are the ones that they tell to pick your own seat and already have your drink order placed by the time you sit down.

4. Your boyfriend/ girlfriend puts you on Mexican restaurant restriction on date night.

You drag them there so much, they get tired of eating there. So much so, they flat out say no when you ask to go there on date night. I mean, how does someone get tired of Mexican food to begin with though?

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5. You can hum some of the songs that come on.

We may not know what they are saying in the song, but we know the song---trust us. We are in there so much we remember them. Don't ask any questions when we start humming.

6. You "have" a parking spot.

Do not park in my parking spot that is not actually my parking spot, but is my parking spot. Got it? Just do not do it. That starts my meal bad when you take my normal spot.

7. You used to hangout there all the time after school.

It was the hangout spot. Forget the nasty school lunch--- everyone goes to eat Mexican after school. It's the cool thing to do and it started your addiction.

8. You always want to introduce new people to your favorite restaurant.

Oh, you aced that exam? Let's go eat at this amazing Mexican restaurant I love! We always want to find people to go there to eat with so we always introduce new people to it.

9. People always pick on you about your addiction.

Yes, I love Mexican food. Go ahead and tag me in all the memes on Facebook about tacos. As long as I have my Mexican food, I am fine with that.

All in all, we LOVE our Mexican food and our go-to restaurants--- so here is your warning. Don't come between me and my Mexican food.

Cover Image Credit: jenaroundtheworld

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Green Tinted Moisturizer As An Alternative to Pepcid

Self-treating your "Asian-glow" with over-the-counter Pepcid may be more dangerous than you think.


Many people (including some of my best friends and family members) suffer through what is colloquially referred to as the "Asian glow." Although this term has become racialized to refer to Asians who appear red after a few drinks, it is better defined by understanding the biochemistry behind it.

When ingesting alcohol, also known as ethanol, it is first converted to acetaldehyde via alcohol dehydrogenase. Acetaldehyde is then converted to acetate via aldehyde dehydrogenase. Alcohol is thus converted to acetate by two enzymes mentioned above. For those that do get the "Asian glow," the second enzyme – aldehyde dehydrogenase – is not present. As a result, acetaldehyde is not converted to acetate, and there is an accumulation of acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is consequently the culprit, causing the release of histamine and the blood vessel dilation that lead to redness.

An over-the-counter drug, Pepcid, is commonly used to combat this facial flush. This is because Pepcid is an antihistamine, disabling histamine to come into play. In a study as early as 1987, antihistamine administration have shown a "significant reduction in the skin flush" compared to placebo control. To date, however, there is not a single study that has directly looked at the effects of Pepcid and alcohol interactions on the human body, and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved the use of Pepcid AC to treat the flush. Perhaps there is an underlying danger that the scientific community has failed to address.

A more recent study in 2009 found that "ALDH2-deficient patients" or those who do get the Asian glow, "have an increased risk for esophageal cancer if they drink moderate amounts of alcohol." Interestingly, "ALDH2 deficiency does not influence esophageal cancer risk in non-drinkers." So isn't it a good thing that your body is glowing red because it is notifying you about the internal, physiological state?

Regardless of the fact that dangers have not been meticulously studied, the combination of Pepcid and alcohol remains dangerous because of the exact reason people take Pepcid in the first place. By inhibiting the glowing, it is more difficult to notice the physiological cue and pace drinks, leading to overconsumption. Pepcid may temporarily help with how you may appear to others, but it does not change the fact that alcohol is a carcinogen. Without a peer-reviewed study on the interaction between Pepcid and alcohol, I would be skeptical to mix the two. Using green-tinted moisturizers (often used to cover the redness for acne) may be a better alternative for the time being. I wouldn't risk my health or my life to appear less red at a party or a few.

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