10 College Senior Experiences/Reminders
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10 College Senior Experiences/Reminders


10 College Senior Experiences/Reminders
Molly Cole

I have waited for this time in my life to come around for so long. It has felt especially long because it seemed like the closer I got to finishing the more things that would come up and set me back. Five years later, I get to count down my own graduation rather than everyone else's, and it is truly such an amazing feeling. In light of this, I felt like there was not better time like the present to sort of highlight what many of us seniors are probably experiencing at the moment! Also, feel free to use it as a sort of check list/reminder!

1. Diploma Application- CHECK ✔️

So two weeks ago I changed my major, and one week ago I submitted my diploma application. Y'all, it is getting so real!

2. Graduate school application- deadlines are approaching ​​real quick

Ugh, one of the most intense but exciting deadlines to stress about. If you are anything like me, you struggle a bit with finding that "next step." You think one day you have it figured out and then the next day God is like "nope, look behind this bright and shiny door."

If you are thinking about going to grad school, just make sure you don't close yourself off to options just because they may be more difficult than others that you are considering.

3. Job applications- Wait, you mean you can actually have a grown up job now?

To those of you who got a four-six year degree and are applying/getting responses back for jobs in your degree area, kudos to you! Just keep an open mind and realize that a "no" doesn't mean not at all- just means not there. It will all work out!

For those who are landing their dream jobs or at least getting the job they wanted to start out in- CONGRATS!

4. Spring Break- we can make it! 

Many spring break weeks are two weeks, 14 days, 10 business days, between four and 10 school days for some away.

This semester specifically has been one of the most trying semesters I have probably ever had. My courses aren't as difficult as past courses, but life experience has been pretty difficult, personally. But what separates this semester from that of my freshman year where I was just getting hit with one thing after another is I am not just going to give up and throw in the towel.

Hang in there peeps! A break is upon us- unless you have school work to do during the break like me.

5. Research topic ideas- stop procrastinating! 

I think many seniors are taking classes where you probably have a research project or some major paper to write that is due at the end of the semester. I mean, I am in four classes and I have an interview project in one class, and then a research paper due in the rest. Midterms are the next two weeks, and I haven't even thought about a topic for any of the papers or gathered who all I am interviewing.

So maybe this is a reminder for you- it surely is for me!

6. Senior pictures- "werk it!"

This is going to be my first time actually graduating from a school. But not just any school- my dream school. I was homeschooled for high school, so my diploma was given to me by my dad in my living room (which was actually a really wonderful way to receive my diploma). I had high school senior pictures taken, and that is the plan this year also.

I think senior pictures are a really great way of marking important milestones and has the ability to show so much growth in a person. So don't forget to start scheduling a photographer!

7. First week back from Spring Break- worst week ever! 

The first week back from spring break is always the hardest week of the spring semester. So just go ahead and start mentally preparing yourself now for it. There is no time for slacking off!

8. Spring parties are coming to an end! 

Spring parties are honestly so much fun-most of the time.. Last one I went to I was thrown up on by a frat guy and didn't go to another one afterward. Maybe 2019 will be a bit different??

Make these last ones count- but know your limits my dudes.

9. Finals Week

The week we're all dreading- or maybe it'll be the easiest week of the semester?

We have a little bit over three months --10 weeks-- to go. Basically, most of us have one or two tests left in each class before the last week!

Through lots of coffee, late night/early morning snacks, and irresponsible weekends of going out- we shall make it through to the end. Just don't miss any deadlines!


Ole Miss- May 11th, 2019! The best day to look forward to! Just 75 days away folks! Idk about you, but keeping that date in the forefront of my mind is what's keeping me on my toes. No time to slack off this semester!

If you haven't applied for graduation, hurry and do so! So proud of myself and of all of you 2019 graduates whether you are finishing in May or August!

My advice to y'all for the remainder of the semester is this- If you need to cry, cry. If you need to scream, yell to the top of your lungs. If you need to binge-watch your favorite show for the day, I will come join you. If you wanna have a wine night, don't forget to tell me. If you need to stay up all night to study, I may need to sleep on the table for a hot sec but I gotchu! Keep your studies close, but keep your friends closer. They are the true MVPs for helping you get through each semester!

Don't forget to order your announcements!

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